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Did You know Your Cherry Hill NJ Area Personal Trainer services Can Actually Harm You! Learn Why And How To Avoid This Serious Problem As Still Lose All The Inches You Want Safely!

Unfortunately, personal training is an unregulated profession and ANYONE can become a personal trainer with VERY little education. Many certifying corporations will give you a weekend certification without any requirements for any training.  Imagine this: would you go to a doctor for your health problems that learned medicine by attending a weekend seminar?


Currently there are several hundreds of different organizations offering over six hundred different personal training certifications. Do you want to trust your body, your health, your well being to these Cherry Hill NJ personal trainers who may lack the needed education to keep you safe?


Before you hire a personal trainer in the Cherry Hill NJ area, you definitely want to interview them for their qualifications.  Search for someone certified by NSCA, ACSM, and ACE. According to studies, these 3 organizations have been shown to have the highest standards. Also, ask for references or testimonials of past clients. One final advice is how they look. If they are not in good shape themselves, then leading you towards a sexier body willl be difficult. They have to master the right behaviors for health before trying to teach you those behaviors.


Our fitness programs are directed by Doctors of physical therapy to avoid this HUGE problem in the fitness industry. This system ensures each and every client just like you gets the body you deserve by melting inches off those stubborn areas WITHOUT aches and pains.


Our unique program directed by physical therapists utilizing our patent pending MetMax MovementTM approach has programs that:


  • Shrinks those stubborn areas without killing you joints
  • Makes you stick to the program and achieve your goals
  • Allows you to workout even with current injuries
  • Feel super condifent about your body and eat any food WITHOUT any guilt!


When you look for a Cherry Hill NJ personal trainer or a personal training gym do your research and make the right decision.  Carefully do your research and maybe avoid the Cherry Hill NJ area big gyms like LA Fitness, Future Fitness, and Planet Fitness. The last thing you want is training from places that offer "free" training from someone getting slightly above minimum wage


Watch this video explaining what to look for when looking for good peronal trainers in Cherry Hill NJ

Unlike your typical Cherry Hill NJ "gyms" our programs are direct by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. This approach provides the clients a much higher quality of service. Imagine comparing the quality of a 7 year program versus a weekend program... Oh, we've been helping people overcome their weight problems since 2002. Some of our trainers have been helping people just like you get compliments about their body for over 15 years.


Our director, Dr Steve Young, DPT, CSCS has lectured nationwide to educate trainers about proper workout safety and effectiveness. He taught exercise physiology for UMDNJ's physical therapy program. Now, he directs our personal training programs serving many  Cherry Hill NJ residents.


You will NOT find another facility with a more complete program. We encourage you to shop around and compare.


We have created workouts with specific movements, speed, and rest times to maximize your metabolism. We call them MetMax Movements™. This entire approach is so powerful and unique, we were able to file a patent on it. It's the first and only system for personal training that allows a personal trainer to select the best matched exercise for your body and your current skill level for your workout. The patent pending system finds the perfect exercise for your body. This is how we can keep the personal training here safer than any other gym in the area.


Even with the best workout program you can still fail at weight loss. Most people fail because they don't know how to think about weight loss with the right approach. You need the right mental strategies for success.  With that in mind, we have a complete mental training system built into our program. We will walk you through the right behaviors and cognitive tips in order to achieve a permanent sexier body without stress and guilt involving eating.


We even created a fail proof complete A-Z nutrition plan for you that has recipes, useful tips, complete step by step shopping lists, etc.  If you're smart enough to follow simple direction, you will suceed in this program. I know you are so take 30 seconds to fill out the form. We would love to meet you and help you look awesome and feel confident about your body.


To find out more information about our program just fill out the form below and we will contact you for a free consultation and workout. 




At Body Solutions, Your Safety and Overall Success Are Our ONLY Priorities!


Our MetMax Movement© Training System Supercharges Your Results!


Our proprietary MetMax Movement© Training System was specifically developed to BURN CALORIES without injuring your joints. In fact and compared with traditional training methods, the MetMax Movement© Training System burns 200 - 500% MORE CALORIES. But in addition to faster caloric burn, our MetMax Movement© also maximize:

  1. Image: Woman performing lunges with weights in hands for added resistanceMuscle Toning
  2. Metabolic Rate
  3. Training Safety

The MetMax Movement© Training System achieves such amazing and dramatic results by working multiple muscle groups in each exercise with movement that are natural for your body. By working multiple muscles, each exercise dramatically boosts caloric burning, muscle toning, and your metabolism for dramatically faster results when compared with traditional training systems. The natural body movements compliment your daily movement instead of creating improper movement habits like Kettlebell, Bootcamp, and Crossfit training.


We absolutely guarantee that our MetMax Movement© movements are SAFER, MORE EFFECTIVE, and EASIER ON YOUR JOINTS than conventional Bootcamp style training methods.


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Published studies have confirmed that Body Solutions programs and classes ran by our licensed Physical Therapists are 64% MORE EFFECTIVE and significantly safer than traditional programs designed and operated by personal trainers.


Watch the video below to see how Jessica shed more than 50 pounds and is one of our many success stories!



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Absolutely everyone who comes in to Body Solutions will receive 1 Free Exercise Lesson or a one-on-one FREE consultation with one of our personal trainers. If you decide to join one of our programs, you have a full month--or 30 days--to evaluate our facilities, staff, and training.


If you are dissatisfied for ANY reason, we will gladly refund ALL of your fees without a single hassle or complaint. In fact, we guarantee:

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One of the biggest reasons why most people quit exercise or training programs is injury. The sad truth is that an injury can instantly stop forward progress, derail motivation, and provides the perfect “excuse” to quit.


But at Body Solutions, our first priority is ensuring the safety of each and every member by reducing the risk for injury--from DAY ONE.


That's right: Every single student and member of Body Solutions is given our patented Injury Risk Assessment before they participate in any program or training. Our Injury Risk Assessment will identify any muscle imbalances and specific injury risks. Our staff of Certified Personal Trainers and Coaches with then customize your training/exercise program to minimize injury risk but maximizing effectiveness.


So what are you waiting for? Come down and see for yourself how Body Solutions is truly making exercise/training fun AND safe again!


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