You are one of the lucky humans to be the first to experience true health care instead of “disease care”

Every workout, every bite of food you will eat, every nutrient you take from now on will be backed by science to help you prevent disease and be more and more healthy, energetic, strong, and vibrant.

Look for an email with more details and action items to do. The first step is to order the Viome Test. It’s one of three tests we can not do for you. They only sell directly to consumers.

You can order their kits HERE. 

Do that as soon as possible! We will provide you with the specific DNA kit and the blood testing kit.

After we get all the data from all three labs (which will take about 3-4 weeks) we will have our team of doctors, nutritionists, scientists work to create your specific menu plan with 64 recipes customized to you. Our nutritionist and holistic chef will reach out to you to work with you on creating your customized menu.


Life is about to get a whole lot better!