anti sickness protocol


At my house, we only use natural research proven substances to heal with.  I definitely avoid the use of antibiotics. A single bout can take a year to recover from. Look at the number of deaths from antibiotic resistant pathogens!

Excessive and overuse of antibiotics has profound effects on our health. It can cause metabolic disorders (weight gain), immune disorders (you get sick more often), and developmental disorders (higher chance of diabetes and other gut diseases).

If you take antibiotics excessively, it can make your immune system worse. It decreases the energy of all of your immune cells. You are the more likely to get sick and have autoimmune diseases.

So what’s the solution?

First, check you poop… If you poop has been runny and not perfectly solid for the last 30 days, then you will benefit from a protocol to heal your stomach lining. You can take COLOSTRUM (CLICK HERE TO GET IT) and ZINC CARNOSINE (CLICK HERE TO GET IT).  This combination will give you the foundation to build your immunity from. It allows the gut to heal. Take it for 6 weeks if your poop has been off…

If you gut is currently really “off” then take 1 tablespoon of the colostrum with 2 of the zinc 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

If your gut is pretty good (you have solid poops…) then just use a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon.


Then get some good probiotics. If you feel like you have some stress and anxiety, GET THIS PROBIOTIC HERE. 

If not (because you meditate and are pretty chill…) then GET THIS ONE. 

OK, the above protocol will make sure your immune system is working.


Now let’s go over what happens when you start feeling sick.

The key is how fast and how soon you can recognize the symptoms. 



The first sign of illness is fatigue. If you feel a slight drop in your energy levels, know that is already your body working hard.

It’s trying to defend your cells from a bug.  So start with taking one of the best immune support formulas called WELLNESS FORMULA (CLICK HERE TO GET IT) It will help kill the pathogens (i.e. harmful bugs) AND block any viruses from spreading.

To help the herbal ingredients kill the bug better, you can add in silver. This Colloidal Silver (CLICK HERE TO GET IT) can directly kill the bug be starving the bugs of oxygen and energy.


Now, the last step involves breaking a shield… You see, bacteria has evolved to protect themselves from danger. They form a “biofilm” around themselves. It’s like a shield protecting them.


So to get rid of the shield you can use Oregano Oil (CLICK HERE TO GET IT) 


Together, this will kill most bugs!


Now the last one is only for food poisoning or “stomach bugs” You can get egg protein that comes with the antibodies to fight the stomach bugs already. YOU CAN GET IT HERE.  You can take a serving of this after eating “high risk” foods like sushi, buffet foods, premade foods that have been sitting out.


OK. Out this into action and protect you and your family!