Armlocks Are One Thing To Lookout For On the Mats, Staph Infection Too!

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Getting caught with an armlock is one thing. All you have to do is tap and reset. The last thing you want happening is to catch staph infection from the mats you are training on. There’s no tapping and resetting from that.

Gyms all over the place are ignoring the disinfecting part of caring for the mats. I’ve been in a lot of places and it always starts out with ringworm getting around. Practitioners would catch it, tape it to cover it, and proceed to train. Not the brightest idea. Not for yourself and definitely not for the school.

There are times when after a nights hard training, did I notice mats being left unclean until the next day giving all that time for infections and fungus to nest up a home on those mats. It is a big deal that grappling mats out there are doing this.

What is staph? A form is called MRSA. MRSA (a type of staph) is abbreviated for: Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus Aureus: This is a kind of bacteria that has show resistance to Methicillin, which is a very strong antibiotic. Unfortunately we use too much antibiotics today (much more then we should) and the bacteria reacts in developing resistance. The MRSA is resistant to almost all antibiotics and is hard to get rid of and because of high usage of antibiotics in hospitals- it’s more likely to survive and infect. This infection can be life threatening and yes can be found, waiting for you on the mats.

I won’t say that Jiu Jitsu schools are the only perpetrators’, but wrestling schools, MMA gyms, gyms in general, or hospitals. It is just more likely to catch these infections, in martial arts, by a contact sport, especially in a warm, moist place. So a question you may want to think about is, how often does the mats get cleaned and what chemical is being used to DISINFECT the mats?

At Body Solutions Inc, we value health and the environment. We provide this facility to serve all in the Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Marlton, and Mount Laurel areas. This state of the art facility is energy efficient being double insulated, having 9 HVAC zones, waterless urinals, and Airblade hand dryers in every locker room and restroom.

Body Solutions Inc also focuses on being less toxic having super air filtration throughout clinic and workout areas. It is walled with VOC paint, is cleaned with natural cleaners and provides natural soaps for customers. It is floored with bamboo (a property of bamboo is it being anti-bacterial), and we ban plastic. As for our mats in the martial arts room, the BJJ mats are steamed everyday! Raising steam to clean is scientifically proven to disinfect and prevent any bacterial diseases to grow. We are by far the most “GREEN”, non-toxic, and disinfected BJJ/integrated wellness center in all of South Jersey.

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