We created this  no hassle system to get your body to heal faster and stay injury free year after year so you can enjoy life non stop and avoid major medical expenses!

We combined NASA technology, plant medicine, and magical hands to create this system… You’ll learn all about how it will help get your body pain free and keep it there.


You see, after fixing over 6,731 patients in the last 18 years, we learned how to not only resolve pain but how to do it quickly and keep it gone!  Currently 8 out of 10 people in America live with chronic pain! To the team here at Body Solutions, that is just unacceptable!


Living with even just a tiny bit of pain or “pressure” or “stiffness” (both signs on inflammation) had some dangerous hidden effects on your long term health. FIRST, the pain, after just 3 months starts to rot your brain by releasing chemicals to adversely affect your short term memory.

The chronic inflammation is even worse…

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of many diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, MS, etc…


Yes, living with that chronic pain and inflammation is like living with poison in your body just waiting for it to cause serious harm at some point in the future.  I’m sure you are smart enough to know this deep down but have been just too busy to resolve it.


Well, this is exactly why we created a easy “set it and forget it” system you can use to immediately feel amazing and never worry about that harmful chronic pain again.


As someone who has been studying how the body naturally heals for 24 years, I believe this is the future of medicine and health. It not about reacting to problems.

It’s about thriving and enjoying life day in and day out without ANY Symptoms, any limitations, any down time.

Imagine a future where you are taken care of every month to feel amazing and to make sure your body is aligned to heal and perform optimally. You never have to worry about an injury lurking or “if this pain will go away or not”.

Imagine someone finding the root cause of your knots and releasing the root tightness with the most advanced medical massage techniques combined with “healing hands”.

Imagine you are relaxing on a NASA technology table that is harnessing the healing powers of Earth’s magnetic waves. As your body is being realigned with healing massage techniques, your inflammation is being shut down and your hair, skin, muscles, bones, and even brain is rejuvenating.

Imagine that you are given a mix of specific spice and fruit extracts that will speed up healing, reduce inflammation, and make your muscles relax faster. Oh, and it tastes like an amazing hot chocolate!

Then imagine that you are given a mix of Epsom slats with customized essential oils to soak in at home that night to fully relax and completely let go of all the stress and tension to have a great restful night of sleep.


Well, take a deep breath and feel the healing because you just experienced how healing and helpful the  Body Alignment System is!

As you read below you will learn all the details you need to have the system in place to make your body invincible to pain and injuries. This is similar to getting your teeth cleaned to prevent major dental pains and expenses. It’s the same as changing your oil so your car runs without expensive engine damage.

This is the same system for your body to perform and feel optimally without aches and pains.

The “2018 you’re going to feel the best you have ever felt and keep it that way forever” package includes:
  1. 12 massages at one per month to use ($1404 value)
  2. 12 PEMF mat treatments to use magnetic waves to speed up healing, improve sleep quality, increase energy levels, and improve your overall health ($804 value)
  3. A 5 minute at home workout program to keep your body strong and balanced so you don’t get injured ($99 value)
  4. A customized supplement program based on your interest of Anti-aging, gut health for improved immunity, improved workout performance, and enhanced cognition and memory. We tell you exactly what to buy online based on 20+ years of research ($297 value)

Total value $2404! (well… being pain free is really priceless!)

You can get this for less than half price!
Wait! You are about to save more than that. By having a system to keep your body aligned, it heals faster and minimizes injury.


Studies show that a 12% hidden imbalance in your body causes a 300% increased risk of injury!


By using this system to keep your body aligned, you drastically reduce your injury risk and expensive unexpected medical bills!


The average out of pocket expense for treating an injury according to data from 2015 is $1470. So you can easily prevent this expense by using this system!


So below are your options to purchase and the discount codes available. (for each code here are 3 uses. If you try a code and it’s not working, then use the next level of discount. For example, if the 20% off code is not working, then use the 15%, 10%, and so on…)



Pay for the year upfront ($90 per session before the discount) <– CLICK THERE


Pay monthly ($98.5 per session before the discount) <– CLICK THERE

After you decide which option to use, apply the discount code below.


SAVE 20% USING “heal20” (one left as of 1/5/16)

SAVE 15% USING “heal15”

SAVE 10% USING “heal10”

After you click on the option you’re about to select above, you will be taken to a checkout screen. In that process there will be a input field to enter the coupon code. All the codes expire on January 9th 2018 and there are 3 uses for each code. So claim this amazing opportunity now!)

Once you click on one of the options above, you can then enter the coupon code during the checkout process. Start with the “heal20” code.  If the “heal20” code does not work, it means 3 people have already claimed the 20% discount. Use the “heal15” next to see if that is available. If not then use the “heal10”.