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Relax Your Knots And Melt The Pain Away With This Simple Home Made Solution At Body Solutions, our entire approach to healing and health care is holistic. So, in this short post, you will learn … Read More

My daughter was poisoned now protect yours

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Antibiotics, like most drugs, can interact with other drugs. Some, such as Zithromax or Z-Pak (see azithromycin prices on https://regrx.com/), usually do not have many interactions with medications. This video has reached over 2 million people on Facebook and for good reason. We need to inform parents of the dangers of toxic chemicals in beauty products so our kids are not exposed to … Read More

Physical Therapy for Tendonitis

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Physical therapy for tendonitis is designed to help reduce the inflammation and pain, accelerate the healing process, and maximize the strength of the healing tissues. Depending on the stage of healing and inflammation, the treatment … Read More

Physical Therapy for Tendonosis

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Physical therapy for tendinosis involves heavy resistance exercises. We no longer are dealing with an inflamed tendon. From being inflamed for more than 3 months, the inflammatory chemicals have started to breakdown the healthy collagen … Read More