Body Alignment Technique System versus a “Massage”

The Body Alignment Technique System is more than just a massage. A Massage only addresses the mechanical tissues of the muscles and fascia. Your pain and stiffness is just a symptom of a dysfunction in your body involving MANY SYSTEMS.

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At the outer most system, you want to restore the normal alignment of your posture. Without this, your body will always be under excessive muscle tension and joint pressure leading to more and more pain. After you receive your amazing massage here, you will be given specific exercises to help you restore normal alignment of your body. Without this, your massage benefit will never last and the treatment becomes incomplete.

In the next layer, you have your muscles and fascia. This is where most typical massage therapists will address. Our therapists use advanced techniques to restore normal tension and release the knots in your muscles. Only our massage therapists train together with our Doctors Of Physical Therapy to have a deeper understanding of the body so you get relief without the risk of damaging your body.

Then one layer deeper you have your cells. These cells have been inflamed well before you started feeling pain. We will demonstrate how this feels and works when you come for your treatment. Our Unique system includes topical natural anti-inflammatory nutrients as well as oral supplements that will naturally help you heal faster. By giving your body the needed nutrients to heal, your recovery from your pain is MUCH FASTER and MORE COMPLETE.

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This holistic approach is the future of massage therapy. It’s more than just a one off treatment. It’s a system you use to get and remain pain free.

Body Alignment Technique.

We recommend you start with your first session of the Body Alignment Technique. During that treatment, your therapist will co-create a plan with you on how many sessions your body needs. This system of manual work, simple stretches, and topical and oral nutrients will help you live without pain.
Without this complete approach, your body will not have the ability to heal completely. This is the same system we use in our medical model for physical therapy. It combines Eastern and Western approaches to medicine and massage.

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OUR Happy Clients

“I discovered Body Solutions through a Groupon. I bought two massages, one for my daughter and one for myself. We were both so impressed with the we are continuing to return for follow-up sessions.”

Colleen Normandin

“This was my first experience with a massage that was much more, a medical message.Victor first pinpointed my weak points and told me that I am probably having issues in specific areas. I get pleasure telling friends about Victor because I know they will get results. ”

Connie Wagner

“I have been working out at Body Solutions for 7 weeks now. I have never been happier with a facility or trainer. Rich Pohler takes the time to get to know his clients’ limitations and designs a workout specifically for them. I have achieved great results in just 7 weeks with Rich. My chest, arms, and legs have grown, while my waist has shrunk. I am confident that Rich can help anyone reach their goals.”

Steve Paglione

“Love working with Jason feels like he really listens to me. I am working on weight loss which is slow and he keeps me motivated”

Penny Bilofsky

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