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About Us

Body Solutions was established in 2002 sort of by accident! Yes, I stumbled onto the business owner path because the physical therapist I worked for needed to sublease space within his clinic. In 2002 I started Body Solutions and at the time, we only did personal training back then. I eventually took over the physical therapy business within the facility in Eagle Plaza. By 2005 I was running the entire clinic… Also around that time, I realized I knew NOTHTING about business. I was a physical therapist and science geek looking to learn business.

I spent the next few years working 80+ hours a week trying to run and learn the business at the same time. Luckily, we have an amazing staff that was willing to put up with my inexperience, my “organized chaos” of a desk, and me in general. Fortunately, we were all very good and passionate at what we did and generated a lot of word of mouth. We were all blessed to have our patients and clients willing to tell others about us. Without their kindness we wouldn’t be here. We constantly analyze our services, our approach, and our company as a whole to make sure we are doing the best for our patients and clients. After a few years of experience treating patients, I realized there was something very wrong with the current approach in medicine and physical therapy. It was too reactionary and not enough prevention.

I was born in Taiwan and grew up with experience utilizing Chinese medicine (I used to get sick quite often). After learning western approaches to medicine here in the U.S., I realized that there was a BIG gap between the two approaches. When I took over the facility, I set a goal to establish a program that uses both approaches to maximize the patients’ and clients’ health and recovery.

From 2006 to now, I’ve been progressively adding and improving programs that treat every client and patient as a whole. No we don’t split the person into “mind, body, and spirit”. You can’t be holistic and yet choose to look at the person through segmented and distinct eyes. We not only address the person’s injury or fitness goal, we discuss common nutritional, behavioral, and mental elements that enhance their overall outcome and get them back to enjoying life sooner. Every aspect of our facility and our services has a balance between people, the space, and the environment. We eventually added complimentary services like yoga, Pilates, martial arts, massage, and nutrition to our services.

Working so many hours during these years made me realize that, like me, people are busier and busier. I was consistently hearing, “I don’t have time to do…” as a road block towards their goals.Realizing this we as a company set some strong goals designed to save people time. We implemented a less than 5 minute wait rule for all patients. The goal was to establish programs that are integrated to get people back in balance with their lives faster. We designed specific ways to work out to get people in shape in less than half the time. When it was time to expand we really took the facility to the next level.

In 2010 we moved our business into our state-of-the-art “Green” facility on Cooper Road in Voorhees. The concept of the facility was inspired by my wife and my mother who always told me to turn off the lights, to reuse the aluminum foil, and to save water (I won’t go into those details J). When my wife was pregnant I started to look into our exposure to chemicals and its direct and possible effects on human development. I discovered many frightening facts about the level of chemical exposure we are all surrounded by. I then implemented many changes to our choice of cleaning products, our personal products, our filtration system, and our food choices. Realizing how important these changes were, I decided to make my next facility as “Green” and nontoxic as possible.

I believe it’s a social and moral responsibility of every household and business to eventually make the transition to being environmentally friendly. Now, people can come to our facility and know that it is the most environmentally safe and nontoxic facility. We also provide simple handouts to educate people about making better choices to protect themselves from dangerous chemical exposures. You can also read about it in our online blog.

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