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South Jersey Fitness Boot Camp Classes And Boot Camps Are Extremely Dangerous No Matter What your Level Of Fitness Is! Read And Learn Why

Watch this video to learn why fitness bootcamps in South Jersey and nationwide are dangerous.

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Many group fitness workout programs like boot camps in South Jersey NJ now incorporate bootcamp type movements that are similiar to P90X and Insanity Workouts to get you in shape. However, there is a fundamental error in that approach.Your body and current skill level may not be able to tolerate those exercises!

Bootcamp workouts use movements that are used to train martial artists and athletes. Their main goal with training is to push and pull as hard as possible with the least about of energy expenditure. That means they are training to perfrom better with the least amount of calories burned.

If you are trying to get in shape and have a pain free healthy body, you want the opposite approach. You want movements that burn a lot of calories without the joint damage. That involves slower movements without the excessive bending and twisting of your body. Those exercises have to be carefuly selected and progressed by a fitness professional with a science degree and years of experience.

Recognizing this problem in South Jersey Boot Camp Classes, we developed and filed a patent on the first and only system designed to match your body with the exact set of exercises that fit YOU. This system will drastically reduce the injury rate while maximizing your metabolism for consistent fat loss.

Our Group Fitness Program is designed by a doctor of physical therapy who has taught proper training methods across the country to big time corporations like GOLDS GYM and TSI (owner of NY Sports Club, Philly Sports Club.

With the right program design, you will:

  • Lose inches where you need to lose it
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Our program consists of a balance between flexibility, core strength, muscle toning, and posture reeducation. We’re about making you LOOK and FEEL good.

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