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Pilates Class for All Residents of Voorhees, Marlton , Cherry Hill, and Surrounding South Jersey Region

We now have Pilates classes powered by Pilates Plus Restoration Studio, LLC in our facility. It’s the optimal combination of the best Pilates instruction with our state of the art studio.

All residents of South Jersey can now enjoy Pilates classes right here in Voorhees NJ 08043.As one of the most popular forms of exercise, Pilates will tone your muscles, improve your posture, connect your mind with your body, and build balance in your physique. The level of benefits from Pilates is only limited by the quality of the instructor.

We are offering two types of Pilates classes for South Jersey and Philadelphia Pilates fans:


Small Group Mat with Apparatus
This class is a 45 minute mat intensive. Improve your coordination, standing alignment, balance and integrate principles of core control with spine mobility. Pilates-evolved mat exercises coordinate diaphragmatic breathing with properly sequenced co-contractions of the deep abdominal, pelvic floor, and spinal musculature. The exercises emphasize precise alignment and efficient sequencing of movement. There are countless different movement phrases, which are performed seated, standing, on all fours, or lying on your back, side, or front. Classes are limited to 6 participants so that our instructor can modify and correct postures during class.

Small Group Spine Corrector ARC
A focused intensive class using the Spine Corrector ARC. The barrel enhances breath work, develops the arms and legs, improves posture and massages the lower back. Each classes takes the students through a 45 minute intensive barrel program using bands to assist in stability and coordination. Class is limited to 5 students so that our instructor can modify and make corrections with each student.

To schedule Click Here to go online or call us at 856-751-8881.
These are small classes of 5 poeple only. Reserve your spot ASAP! We do have a waiting list available to accomodate our clients.

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