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The Art of Yoga with the Safety of Medical Science

Our Yoga classes offer residents in Cherry Hill NJ, Voorhees NJ, Marlton NJ, and other South Jersey townships a place to do yoga where you don’t have to worry about safety or quality. Like all of our other services, our Yoga is taught by top experts and directed by physical therapists. Any student with aches and pains will be immediately addressed by our medical staff. The physical therapists and yoga instructors collaborate together to optimize your yoga experience.
Now you get to finally practice yoga without the common fears we hear like:

  • “Are there yoga posture I need to avoid for my back pain?”
  • “My knee is stiff. Can I do yoga?”
  • “I have a bad neck. Will I be able to do yoga?”

We offer free assessments with our physical therapists to answer your questions, find out your limitations, and establish the perfect Yoga routine for you.
Types of Yoga we do:
Vinyasa “flow” Yoga
Vinyasa yoga combines the flow of different positions in coordination with proper breathing. Because it is not a set series of posture like Ashtanga Yoga, it can be adapted to your specific body. Each posture is skillfully coordinated with breathing and connected to the next posture. This artistic flow of movement is designed to balance the body and mind.

Yin Yoga
Yin yoga gives you new depths of movement and muscle release through long static postures. When other forms of yoga are not enough to release your stiff joints and muscles, Yin yoga opens up the deepest layers of stiff tissue to maximize the flow of energy and nutrients. With a single session you will feel more connected to your now relaxed and loose body.

Our Instructor

We are lucky to have Erik Marrero as our yoga instructor. He teaches yoga at some of the best yoga studios in South Jersey.*As a bonus we will send you our free ebook on how to get in shape by avoiding the myths about exercise.WE ARE SO CONFIDENT YOU WILL LOVE OUR YOGA CLASSES.WE ARE GIVING ANY NEW STUDENTS A FREE CLASS.

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