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Muscle Contraction Speed

MetMax Movements™ uses a constant speed of contraction to minimize any fast or ballistic movement. Fast movements rely on the elastic properties of muscles and tendons. The “elastic work” done by the muscle to move the weight does not require calories because it relies on physical not chemical energy. Imagine a muscle and tendon as one rubber band. If you push on the rubber band and then relax, the elastic energy of the rubber band would push back without any work or energy (calories) from you. This is exactly how your muscle behaves if you move the resistance (weights) in a fast or ballistic tempo. Your muscles will rely on the rubber band effect and use elastic energy (no calories) to help move the weight. The end result is less calories burned. With MetMax Movements™ the workout are done at a specific and constant movement speed that maximizes the tension on the muscles. This effect of “not letting the muscles rest” provides the correct stimulus for more caloric expenditure and improved rate of muscle toning. The end result is faster results with less time in the gym.

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