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Bone Loss

The training program for Osteoporosis or Osteopenia is designed to deposit calcium and stimulate bone growth. Based on medical literature, free weight and body weight training is the most effective way to build bones.

The professional trainers will design the best program for each individual, based on their abilities and limitations. The trainers have advanced training for the needs of dealing with osteoporosis and the program is overviewed by our doctors of physical therapy for the utmost safety and effectiveness.

During each training session, the trainer will educate the client on what to avoid at home, how to reduce the risk of falls, and restore overall function. If the client has moderate limitations and has more needs, then they are recommended to be under the care of our physical therapists. Osteoporosis is a treatable disease and is covered by insurance.

We utilize effective training machines like the Power Plate whole body vibration platform to increase your bone density throughout your body. Here is just one of the many studies showing the benefits of whole body vibration.


If you have osteoporosis ask you doctor for a prescription for physical therapy. Our physical therapists can evaluate your condition and custom design the safest and most effective program. You will never be afraid of falling again. Those stairs will seem effortless (even without that rail). Oh, and lifting your grandchildren will be a piece of cake.

With the right program, carefully selected exercises, and some high tech equipment, we can make you stronger!

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