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MMA Conditioning For Competitors in Voorhees NJ, Marlton NJ, Cherry Hill NJ, and Philadelphia PA

Body Solutions is the premier place for any competitive MMA or BJJ athletes to enhance their conditioning. Our proprietary testing system allows us to detect any specific weaknesses or imbalances in a fighter. Our testing system determines:

  • How much you can handle before you “gas”
  • Your power output for arms and legs and left vs. right for any imbalances
  • Your overall strength
  • Your overall strength
  • Your muscular endurance and your overall cardiovascular endurance
  • Your reaction time
  • Your striking speed

Once the data is collected, a customized workout program is designed by our certified strength coach and consistently measured and tracked using our nonlinear or “undulating” periodized excel sheets. This combination of proper testing and programming allows you to workout at your maximal tolerance without overtraining and excessive fatigue. This approach allows for optimal progress in all the attributes needed to be a successful fighter while reducing the risk of injury.

Here is a video of Eddie Alvarez training at Body Solutions as he prepares for his title defense.

By applying science to MMA and BJJ conditioning, we have trained many of the top competitors in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area to:

  • Explode with ease on the mat and in the cage
  • Fatigue your opponent then dominating them
  • Out power your opponent until their shoulders are fried
  • Never run out of GAS

We have provided MMA conditioning services to professionals like Eddie Alvarez, Wilson Ries, Nate Quarry, and Tim Carpenter. We have also provided BJJ conditioning and rehabilitation services to top level competitors like Rick Macauley, Rick Migliarese (co-owner of Balance Studios), and Phil Migliarese (co-owner of Balance Studios), Brad Daddis (owner of Daddis Fight Camps), and many of the top coaches and competitors in our area. They all have made tremendous progress in their strength and conditioning here and feel safe in knowing that our staff physical therapists can address any post fight or post training aches and pains. The integration of the training staff with the physical therapists provides the athletes with an environment for faster progress and faster recovery from any injury.

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