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Learn how you are being poisoned by those big evil corporations trying to make you tired and over weight with toxic chemicals. Fight back and take action to protect yourself and your family by reading this short eBook. Once you do, your fat loss will be easy.

At Body Solutions,We Work Hard to Eliminate Your Frustrations So That Your Training/Exercise is Always Safe, Effective, and Of Course: Fun!

At Body Solutions, we fully understand that most of our future clients and members first walk through our door… well, frustrated.

In fact, most clients like you come to us with one or more of the following frustrations:

1. Taking No Action Towards Looking and Feeling Great:

Image: Man performing Bicep Curls at Body Solutions in Voorhees, NJ

Let’s be honest: We all know that we should avoid that greasy snack and those bag of sweets. We know we should get off the couch and exercise even though we are dead TIRED.

Look, fitting into those skinny jeans or having the thrill of having the opposite sex checking you out–and even the pride from your family as you finally take control of your weight is difficult BUT TOTALLY ATTAINABLE with the right support system.

At Body Solutions, we are here to help you take every step needed to achieve your goals with our fail proof system that involves our team of specialists (trainers, nutritionist, life coach, doctors). Together, we are the support you need to finally make changes.

2. Taking Action But Seeing No Results:

Nothing is more frustrating than to invest the time and energy getting down to the gym and cutting those carbs–only to see no results for all your efforts! This is not only frustrating, it makes you think YOUR body just can’t change!

At Body Solutions, we don’t just “Sign You Up” and then forget about you–our Certified Personal Trainers and the entire team help you Identify, Visualize, and then Attain your weight loss and fitness goals. We teach you the thought process, actions, and latest proven tips that have helped over 1000 previous clients attain their goals.

3. Constant/Persistent Injuries While Exercising:

It’s simple: You can never hit your fitness/weight loss goals if injuries are constantly destroying your workout schedule! Plus, injuries quickly sap motivation and can derail weeks–even months–of progress!

To limit injuries and help you stay on track to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals in the shortest time possible, Body Solutions has developed our proprietary Injury Risk Assessment and patent pending training protocol. Most programs are trying to fit your round body into a square hole. They simple don’t have the tools to figure out your exact “shape”. This is why they don’t work and you get injured. No matter how complicated your body is, we can design a program that is an EXACT match to your body.

4. Don’t Know Who to Trust:

Image: Three New Jersey Certified Personal Trainers

With so many infomercials, “famous” trainers, and fitness magazines and books telling you different things, it becomes utterly impossible to see through the crap. Well, we here to clean all this up for you.

Our programs are directed by a doctor of physical therapy who has taught at a medical university (UMDNJ) and lectured to trainers nationwide about effective and safe training. He’s also spent 20+ years in the trenches in the gym perfecting every tip and recommendation. It’s like having someone test out the 1000 scientists recommended weight loss tips and narrowing it down to the truly effective few. This is why our clients get RESULTS.

At Body Solutions, You May Enter Frustrated But You’ll Leave With a Smile On Your Face and a Sense of Accomplishment Within–Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

And if you aren’t 100% thrilled with the World-Class Facilities, Staff, and Training at Body Solutions: Then We’ll Gladly Issue a Full Refund On All Your Fees!

That’s right: As a new client of Body Solutions, you have a full 30 days to evaluate our training or exercise programs This gives you an entire month to come down and check out our world class facilities and amenities, get to know the staff/team, and ultimately answer just one question:

Are You Still Frustrated?

If the answer to that question is “Yes” or if you are not 100% thrilled with the Body Solutions Staff, Facilities, or Training–then you have 30 days to let us know and we’ll be happy to refund 100% of your fees without delay. Simple as that.

At Body Solutions: Your Training and Exercise Frustrations Disappear–or You Don’t Pay!

  • Every New Student is Pre-Screened for Muscle Imbalance and Injury Risk
  • Our Team Approach Gets You Results!
  • Our Training/Exercise Programs Are 64% Safer And More Effective Than Programs Ran by Personal Trainers Alone!
  • We Absolutely Guarantee to End Your Training and Exercise Frustrations Or Your Money Back!

People Just Like You Getting Amazing Results With Our Program

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