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Voorhees Personal Trainer

Training and Exercise Programs at Body Solutions Are Up to 64% Safer AND More Effective Than Similar Programs Taught By Personal Trainers for 3 Primary Reasons:

1.  All Body Solutions Fitness Training Services are Directed by Licensed Physical Therapists:

Unlike most gyms and training facilities, Body Solutionsgoes above and beyond for our clients by insisting that every single physical trainer works under the direction of a Licensed Physical Therapists. 

Image: Man performing Lateral Pulldowns at Body Solutions in Voorhees New Jersey

Because while a personal trainer may be great at designing exercise regimens that will burn fat and build muscle in record time, they often lack the training and medical expertise to design regimens that are both EFFECTIVE and SAFE. Any trainer can give you an awesome “killer” workout and even 50 pounds of weight loss. Our trainers will get you there WITHOUT the injuries and accelerated joint degeneration (aka arthritis).

At Body Solutions, our staff have the training and experience to understand that the wrong routine done today, can cause pain today and even pain in a few years from now. This is why our staff design custom training/exercise programs for each client based upon the results of their Injury Risk Assessment (which we will discuss below).

2.  All Students Pre-Screened Using Our Proprietary Injury Risk Assessment:

At Body Solutions, there is nothing we take more seriously than the safety and health of our students and members. And because we understand how quickly weight loss and fitness goals can become derailed by even a modest injury, every new student must complete the Injury Risk Assessment before starting classes or exercise programs.

At its most basic, the Injury Risk Assessment is designed to help our staff minimize your risk for injury by identifying muscle imbalances. These imbalances are one of the biggest sources of exercise-related injuries because we over-exert ourselves when unaware of them.

Using the results from your Injury Risk Assessment, our staff will then customize your training/exercises to minimize injury risk and ultimately address or correct your muscle imbalance(s). With this approach you lose inches, get in great shape, AND become less injury prone.

3. MetaMax Movement© Training System “Supercharges Results”

Image of a woman doing stretches

The problem with traditional training systems like Kettlebell, Bootcamp, and even Crossfit is that they all produce improper movements that are “out of tune or harmony” with your body and leads to increased injuries and down time. Typical fitness routines either inefficiently isolate one muscle at a time OR work your whole body with improper movements. Also, some routines can have effective and correct movements BUT your body is just not skilled enough to do it correctly. It’s like having you do a back flip on your first day of gymnastics. No matter how hard you try, you can’t. Forcing the flip just leads to injuries.

Our MetaMax Movement© Training System is designed to solve these problems by working multiple muscle groups in each exercise with movements that are complementary and natural to your body.  We then use our patent pending protocol to match the right exercises to your body. Not only does this revolutionary training system minimize injury risk to your joints, it produces a number of distinct advantages for our users over traditional training, including:

  • Burns 200-500% More Calories!
  • Significantly Faster and More Dramatic Muscle Toning!
  • Significant Boost in Metabolism Rate!
  • Better Results in Less Time!
  • Enhanced Training Safety

Add it all up and the MetaMax Movement©Training System is Safer, Produces Faster and More Dramatic Results, and is Easier on Your Joints than any conventional training system out there.

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