Foam Rolling for self massage

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Take Care Of Your Body With A Self Massage Tool

“Foam Rolling” is one of the best ways to make sure your muscles stay loose and balanced. Why is it important to keep your muscles balanced? A study showed that a 12% imbalance (a tighter or weaker muscle on one side as compared to the other) leads to a 300% increase risk for injury and  pain!


So keeping your body aligned and balanced is VERY important!

We recommend using This Specific Foam Roller HERE>

You can watch this video to see how to use the foam roller.

Now if doing all of this seems daunting and too much work, then your other option is to have someone help you identify the imbalances can restore them for you.


If you want a system to guide you through that, you can  Click Here .

The Body Alignment Technique is a system that identifies your muscles imbalances and where you are inflamed. Then you get specific nutrients to reduce the inflammation while the Manual Therapist restores your muscles back to balance. Then you get healing Epsom Salts to use afterward to relax the muscles and sooth away the aches.


The entire system is designed to help you not get injured and to keep you from needing to pay for expensive medical treatments. Currently, the out of pocket cost to treat an injury is $2671. That includes the deductible and co-pay for the doctor, the possible x-ray, then the office visits for all the physical therapy.


By having a self care system in place you can greatly reduce your chances of that expense!


We’ve seen so many people over the last 17 years prevent injuries and serious pain by using this system. If you are interested in having something in place to get and then keep your body pain free, then you get to experience the Body Alignment Technique for 50% off in the next week.


You can feel how this system is 3-5x more effective than just a “massage” by clicking Here.


Oh, as an added bonus, if you take action and decide to heal your body, we will upgrade your session to include a $67 session of PEMF whole body mat for FREE. You can read about PEMF here.