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We must fight back…

Did you know that on average there are 3000+ chemicals in our blood that DO NOT belong there?

The chemical industry has been allowed to introduce new chemicals into our everyday products without proving them to be safe.


The first step is to be informed about the situation and what is going on. I would highly recommend watch this movie by Sean Penn


If you have Netflix, you can download it for free.


Once you are aware of the situation, you can then take action.

Use the database here to search for all of your personal care products and see how toxic or non-toxic they are.  Then make choices to buy less toxic products. They also have an app you can download on your phone. You can scan the barcode of products in the store to instantly see how toxic they are.  Just search for “skin deep” in the app store.


Now let’s discuss food.

In case you have not seen this, below is a very entertaining way to learn what is happening to our food source.

Lastly, let’s work on how you can help the world.


You can help fight back by donating to


It’s a nonprofit organization that takes donations and uses the money to lobby for our rights.  They are trying to change the laws that allow us to be poisoned.  To me, this is cutting the head of the snake.


Instead of donating to organizations that are trying to find a cure for cancer, I would rather donate my money to PREVENTING CANCER. It just makes more sense.


So use this information to keep yourself and your family safe.



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