Get ready for the flu season and protect yourself

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Many of our friends, clients, and patients here at Body Solutions Inc in Voorhees NJ have been getting sick. What do you expect, it’s the flu season. Well, I have some science proven, all natural, and safe recommendations on what nutrients to use to assist in your recovery. YOU WILL BE BETTER IN HALF THE TIME!

Go to any nutrition store or google it online to buy the products below. They are inexpensive and have research proven effects. I have personally used them to prevent myself from getting really sick this season. At the first sign on an itchy throat, a light cough, unexplained fatigue, or drop in appetite, start the product below:

1. Elderberry (400 mg 3 x a day): Elderberry works by blocking the virus from spreading in the body. It prevent the virus from attaching to the cell wall and entering the cell. Research has shown that it can cut the duration of a cold (a virus) by half.

2. N- Acetyl- Cystine (1000 mg 2 x a day): Is a natural protein that increases the immune system’s defenses. It’s like increasing your germ fighting army or arming them with some heat seeking bullets.

3. 1,3 Beta Glucan (250 mg 2 x a day): a Rice Bran extract that increases the germ killing cells in the body. It’s one of the strongest immune booster with research to support it.

All of the above has really worked for me. Try it and see if it will help you.

You can also try a massage at our Voorhees office. It’s been proven to improve you immune function.

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