Guilt Free Sweet Chocolate


Recipe For Having Your Cake And Eating It Too…

Personally I can’t live without chocolate. Yes, it has fat and lots of sugar. So as a scientist, I figured a way to make healthy Chocolate without the fat and sugar.  You’ll get the recipe below.


Before we get to that, let’s discuss what you can put in place to have a sustainable healthy eating and weight loss program. Watch this video below:

Now, put that into practice!

So here is the recipe!

Go to Amazon and buy this Peanut BUtter Powder HERE> 

Then buy this chocolate powder HERE>

Then buy this Monk Fruit Sweetener HERE> 


Then, you can mix the PB power and the Chocolate powder together. You can play with the ratio to control the amount of chocolate taste.  The PB powder will control how “thick” the mixture will be. So if you like it thick, use less liquid and more PB powder.


For the liquid, you can use water, soy milk, almond milk, etc…


Then add in the Monk Fruit to sweeten it.