Heal yourself with these natural options


Below are some simple things you can do and use to get your body to be and stay pain free.


Use herbal medicine to help your body heal faster!

Sinew Therapeutics makes lotions and soaks from proven Chinese herbal medicine. Unlike traditional Eastern medicine where drugs treat symptoms, their products can actually heal problems.   You can see their products by visiting their website here.  


If you are in pain how with a new injury, you can get their “Sinew Warming Soak”.  Then rub their Acute Sinew Liniment on the area 2-3 times a day to speed up healing.

If you are having chronic pain that is no longer swollen, then use their Sinew Relaxing Soak and the Chronic Sinew Liniment.



For chronic injuries, get the “chronic Liniment” to rub on 3 times a day and then rub the “injury poultice” at night to sleep with it on.

For acute injuries, get the “acute liniment” and rub it on 3 times a day. Then get the “herbal ice” to rub on at night to sleep with it on.

** An acute injury would be something that was just injured within the past 1-3 weeks and is swollen, hot, and red. A chronic injury is older and is no longer hot and swollen.


Self massage using one of the best foam rollers.

Foam rolling is a way to self massage. While typical foam rollers are just round, our bodies have many grooves, bumps, and pointy spots!  So there is a company that figured out how to make a better foam roller. You can see the types they have here.    Their rollers have specific grooves that aloows you to get the right massage pressure without aggravating the joints.

They even have an app that teaches you how to use the foam roller! You can go to the app store and search for Rollga. If you can’t find it, a simple search on youtube for “how to foam roll _____” (fill in the blank with the bodypart you want to self massage) will do the trick.


Relieve your pain now

If you are in pain and you want a way to decrease the pain without drugs and side effects. You can use a TENS unit. It’s a small portable device that uses electrical currents to distract your brain from feeling pain.  You can get on online HERE.

You can put the electrical pads on the spots where you feel pain. Then simply turn the machine on and feel the pain relief.  By blocking the pain signal, it helps the muscles in the area relax. That then helps your body heal faster.


So put these strategies into action and HEAL FASTER!