Help BVI


Watch This Video To Decide How You Can Help The People On The British Virgin Islands

Our goal is to raise enough money to supply relief items like water, food, and basic necessities to live to the people who are trapped there without those resources! Imagine having no water or food for your kids!

So I am personally doing a fundraising campaign to take 5000 pounds. The British government will match with another 5000 pounds. That’s about $13,300 dollars!

You can help by simply clicking here. 

To entertain you and inspire you to take action, I have committed to doing a push up for every 10 pounds raised with the goal of doing 500 push ups in 10 minutes.  On October 12th at 1pm, I’ll live broadcast this feat of endurance and strength and possibly exploding pecs.


You can register for the live broadcast HERE.   During the live broadcast, I will be giving tips to drastically improve your health, reduce risk for cancer, and even live longer!


Why the Push Ups? I’ve never done more than 60-70 pushups at once in my life. So 500 seems like a hard to reach goal. It about doing something uncomfortable or unusual. It’s designed to inspire people to step outside of the norm and make an impact in the world.


So this is your chance to do just that.


You get to save lives by donating here. 


After you are done, send an email to  I’ll reward you with a special gift…

Just let me know that you donated.


Dr. Steve Yound, DPT

Chief Solutionite at Body Solutions