Inspire Your Friends And Family To Higher Levels Of Health With This Challenge.

Between now and February 1st, you have the opportunity to earn valuable dollars towards your Solutionite System here at Body Solutions.

Here is how your Challenge works.

Between now and February 1st, you can earn money by completing any of the tasks below. Each task has a specific value assigned to it. As you complete each, tell your Solutionite Coach and we will help you track all the money you will earn towards your account. At the end on February 1st, the person with the most money earned will have their amount doubled!


Here are your tasks to do between now and February 1st.

Earn 3 badges = $10

Earn 5 badges = $20

Complete 2 Epic Quests = $10

Complete 5 Epic Quests = $20

Keep your weight the same (avoid the typical 8 pounds gained during the holidays) = $10

Lose >4 pounds during the holidays = $20

Refer a new member to the Solutionite System = $50

Make 10 helpful posts in the Facebook Solutionite group page = $10

Post a picture of your workout and what you learned during the workout on Facebook 5 times = $10


Here is an example of what you can earn. Let’s suppose you earn 5 new badges ($20), complete 2 Epic Quests ($10), Refer a new member ($50), and Lose 5 pounds ($20) between now and February 1st. You would earn $20 + $10 + $50 + $20 = $100 towards your account here. If you have the most money earned, then we will double it to $200.


For the epic quests, they are a part of our Solutionite System. You can access the section of the system with the Epic Quests by clicking here.   There you will learn about all the badges as well.

As you complete the badges, Epic Quests, facebook posts, etc, message your Solutionite Coach and let them know. Good luck!


As you complete some of the tasks, you move closer and closer to your Inner Solutionite. You become more empowered. You achieve higher levels of health. You live to be the role model to inspire your family to thrive with health. You learn to let go of chaos and stress.

We’re here to support you in this process so ask for it!


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