Choose The Link Below That Makes 2018 Your Year To Feel And Look Amazing… For The Rest Of Your Life!


Below are some links to options you can choose from to start:


1.Losing the weight you want


2. Shedding inches from exactly where you want it from


3. Eliminating aches and pain immediately


4. Relieving stress to live in peace and happiness


You can get as many options as you need at a 20% discount until the timer expires or until the units of the discount code is all used up.


CLICK HERE TO GET PAIN RELIEF using the Body Alignment Technique. It’s a system that combines medical therapeutic manual techniques like myofascial release, trigger point release, and deep tissue massage to get those “knots” out. Then we combine it with a mix of healing herbal extracts to 3x your healing rate and minimize inflammation.  The entire process is designed to realign your body. When your body is in proper alignment, the pain disappears and you move without stiffness or aches and pains.

Normally, the series of sessions to heal your body through the alignment process is $117 a session. You can get sessions for 20% off HERE.  Just enter the discount code “20off” to use one of the 7 units available. Ayelet is getting busy so we are limiting the amount available. It’s first come first serve!


CLICK HERE FOR WORKOUT CLASSES using the True Transformation process. This hour long class combines workouts designed to burn massive amounts of fat while making your body LESS prone to aches and pains. Then we teach you the mindset needed to sustain a healthy body without the “mass media” process involving will power and sacrifice.

It’s a fun class held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 10am. You get unlimited access normally for $267 a month. You can get a 6 month pass for less than $200 a month HERE. Just use the code “20off” to use one of the 8 units available (We only have room for 8 more people)


CLICK HERE TO LOSE INCHES WHERE YOU NEED TO using our Lipo Laser Removal program. We use pain free lasers on the skin combined with our “4 Step Program” to eliminate fat from Exactly where you want to lose it from. You come in for an hour sessions of the laser treatment, get a specific Fat Melting massage using Fat Breakdown nutrients on your skin, and end with a “concentric only” workout to melt the fat off.

One client lost 3 cm around her waist after 3 treatments in one week. You can get the PACKAGE HERE. Just enter the discount code “20ff” to use one of the 7 units available. Just Like the Body Alignment Technique, Ayelet is busy so we are limiting the number of discounts available.


Want to buy any of the above as a gift? No Problem! Just email us at after your purchase and we will make a gift certificate for you.  We can either mail it to you or you can come by and pick it up.

Just take advantage of these discounts using the code “20off” before it expires