If you don’t live near our office and want to use PEMF technology, then read below.


If you don’t know anything about PEMF technology and how it heals the body, you can read an earlier post we have HERE about how it works.


Yes, it seems too good to be true! If it wasn’t for the 100+ medical research articles I’ve read about it, it wouldn’t have thought it was just hype. However, lucky for all of us, it’s real and it works.


We have a machine in our center that is the most powerful one on the market. If you are a clinician, I would recommend the “Pulse Center” company to buy your clinical machine. We spent 4 months reviewing and testing different models. They have the most powerful clinical machine.


If you are interested in a home version, I would recommend the OMNI Pad.  They have the best device that has preset programs for healing. This is the main site and you can use the code “bodysolutions” to get a $50 discount. Learn more about the mat HERE.


You can get the home PEMF mat from the company HERE directly.


You can also enhance the effects of the PEMF with Colloidal minerals.

You can get the Gold HERE for enhanced energy and mental acuity.

You can get Platinum HERE for nerve healing.

You can get Copper HERE to help with skin, cartilage, and tendon healing.


Since PEMF enhances the absorption of ALL nutrients, you can take any natural healing nutrients, nootropics, and any of the colloidal minerals to synergistically maximize the effects.