home solutions for muscle aches


Relax Your Knots And Melt The Pain Away With This Simple Home Made Solution

At Body Solutions, our entire approach to healing and health care is holistic. So, in this short post, you will learn how to make a lotion that is completely natural and non-toxic (it’s just magnesium) that will melt your knots away.

Just click here and buy the 2 pounds of this specific form of magnesium

Then get this specific glass jar that protects the magnesium from being broken down by light and rendered inactive and ineffective.

Now here is the simple part. Mix equal part of the magnesium and water. For example 1 cup of magnesium and 1 cup of water.

Make sure you use either filtered water or distilled water. Tap water will have other chemicals like fluoride and chlorine that will contaminate the lotion.


Then rub 5-10 drop of the liquid (you can use a dropper to take it out of the glass jar) on your area of pain and muscle tightness. Then take 1-2 minutes to massage it in.


That’s it!


Enjoy this simple but amazing formula to relieve your pain at home.

Feel free to share this with anyone you know that has some stiff and achy muscles.

Now, if you live in the South Jersey area and need to relieve your pain with either massage therapy or physical therapy, reach out to us. We incorporate the magnesium along with other holistic and science proven technologies and nutrients to speed up healing.

We’ve treated over 6 thousand people in Voorhees, Marlton, and Cherry Hill for their physical therapy needs since 2002. One of our unique approaches is to help patients find the hidden behaviors and habits that are the root cause of their pain. Then we work on the habits and behaviors as well as traditional physical therapy approaches to fully cure and prevent the pain.