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I get the question all the time about, “what protein shakes should I use”?



While the holistic approach would require a complete understanding of your physical goals along with some testing of your blood to see which foods are causing inflammation (, there are some general guildlines you can follow.



1. Avoid ALL commercial protein shakes. If you look in the ingredients, you will see natural and or artificial flavors (i.e. chemicals), food colorings (neuro toxic), artificial sweeteners (neuro toxic), and lecithin (soy based and thus genetic modified).


2. You want to avoid taking the SAME proteins all the time. Eating the same food can cause your body to react by producing inflammatory chemicals when you eat it. Think about this, for thousands of years, we had to eat things in season and with rotation. It’s not natural to eat the same things all the time.


3.  Clean food is always a better choice of protein because it hasn’t been through a machine… So try to get your protein from food if you can. The only time powder is advantageous is right after a workout. Due to the faster digestion of specific proteins like Whey Hydrosylate, you do recover faster.


So, what proteins should you get?


I would recommend getting 3 types and rotate daily.  For example on day 1, get Custom Collagen’s Hydrolyzed Gelatin | Collagen Peptides 2lb (32oz) Jar – Pasture Raised Cattle – Kosher – Unflavored Powder  And use this and only this protein for any shakes you make for this day.


Then on day two, use Sprout Living Epic Protein Powder, Green Kingdom, 2.2 Pound.


Then on day three use NAKED WHEY – 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder – 5lb Bulk.


By rotating the different proteins, you will avoid the inflammation. Here is one more choice NAKED CASEIN – 100% Micellar Casein from US Farms – 5lb Bulk  (this one would be a good choice if you are looking to lose fat. Studies show casein protein helps)


Enjoy and ask questions by posting below.

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