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Completely Heal Your Painful Injuries 637% Faster Than Traditional Medical Treatments So You Can Do The Things You Love Again Using A Natural Process Called The iHeal Technique…

What if you could heal your own body no matter how many areas of problems you are having or how severe or minor those problems are? What if you could actually do that in less time and with less medical expenses?

“The answer is ABSOLUTEY YES and you will learn how below”

Your body has hidden abilities to heal rapidly.
Did you ever have pain that came and disappeared quickly? However, sometimes it lasts forever.
What is happening in the body to cause these differences?
Close your eyes and think back to your childhood. Remember a time when your injuries healed super fast, and the pain from that injury disappeared almost immediately?
These are examples of your powerful healing abilities hidden within your own body. Unfortunately, we lose them as we age…But there is a way to turn those healing powers back on.

“The iHeal Technique restores your healing rate back to the powerful
levels that you once had in your childhood”

So how do we lose our rapid healing abilities and what can you do about it?

As we all age, there are certain choices we make that put us in a pattern of SICKNESS. Scientific research has identified the main variables that make us sick and reduces our ability to heal.

What are the variables that make healing abilities plummet while increasing your risk of disease? Here is a list of the MAJOR FACTORS THAT SLOW HEALING AND HARM YOUR BODY: (we call this list the “ Sick Seven ” )

  • Being busy and short on time
  • Having too much on your to do list (AKA STRESS)
  • Not Sleeping enough (8 hours a night)
  • Not eating 8 servings of organic sources of fruits and vegetables daily
  • Eating processed foods that came in a box or bag (exposure to chemicals)
  • Ignoring your minor aches and pains
  • Poor body posture

The closer you are to having all of the Sick Seven, the more your entire body is filed with damaged cells and blockages of healing. Cells that are damaged can’t heal properly and the damage starts to spread like a weed in your body. These Sickness Weeds can take over your healthy cells and drastically slow down healing.

“Just like a weed in your lawn that is left untreated,
these Weeds quickly spread and start to kill the grass (AKA your cells)” surrounding it”

If you’ve ever had a minor ache that started in one body part that eventually spread into other parts, then you’ve felt effects of this non-healing weed spread and do its damage.

Trying to treat this problem and kill this weed with just a pill is like spraying it with weed killer.

Not only is the weed killer and the drug toxic to your body, it just kills the weed that you can see. The roots of the weed remain to grow more weeds again.

You and I both know the traditional medical model of taking a specific pill to suppress a specific symptom is not the smart choice if you want a cure.

The right approach is to get rid of the cause and cure the problem, right to the root of it with the iHeal Technique…

“To Activate Your Powerful Innate Healing Abilities AND Get Rid Of Your Pain, You Need To Pull The Roots Of The Weeds Out And Remove It Naturally”

That’s exactly what the iHeal Technique does!

The iHeal Technique is a pain free hands on treatment that restores your body’s healing abilities faster than any treatment available.

The iHeal Technique Specialist finds the weeds and eliminates them in your body using gentle touch on specific spots in your body. Then the specialist helps your body to direct its powerful innate healing energies to those damaged areas to heal completely and instantly.

“How Exactly Does The iHeal Technique Work To Get Rid Of Damaging Weeds And Speed Up Healing?”

The iHeal Technique Specialist starts by gently moving your body by assessing over 500 possible places where the weeds are. Two years of training was spent to perfect this skill of detecting exactly where your problem weed are.

When a body part doesn’t move as far or as well, the specialist uses that information to identify where those weeds and the blockages of healing are.

Then with pain free gentle touch using the specialist’s finger tips on specific points throughout the body, the specialist eliminates the weeds by working with your body’s layers of systems (you will learn more about that below…)

As the weeds are being removed those specific points are stimulated using the specialist’s hands to drastically enhance your body healing powers. This natural healing technique works with your body and mind to unlock your healing potential.

“The iHeal Technique Works By Simply Tapping Into Healing Energy That You And I (And Everyone Else) Has”

We all have untapped healing energies in our bodies. Did you ever hug a loved one or a favorite pet and just FELT BETTER? Their vibrations and healing energies affected your body and you can feel it immediately.

The iHeal Technique Specialist is focusing that same healing energy and directing it all through the finger tips. It then interacts with your body to cause your body to heal.

It’s like taking all that feel good energy from a long and soothing hug form the whole body and directing it to one spot in your body. That’s extremely powerful!

Natural healing techniques have been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world. Techniques such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Meriden Healing, and Chakra Healing have been used by everyday people as well as some of the most famous athletes and celebrities.

“The iHeal Technique Is Like Combining All The Different Proven Healing Techniques Into A More Effective System That Gets You Immediate Relief”

It works faster and heals you more completely than any other approach because it heals your body through all the different layers of systems and energies…

The weeds or injury areas will dig its roots deeper and deeper the longer you have let the injury go unaddressed.

Imagine your body as having multiple layers of materials and energies.

  • The outer most layer would be the muscles and tendons which is treated by traditional doctors.
  • Then you have your nervous system that is treated by Chiropractors.
  • Then one level deep would be the chi flow treated by acupuncturists.
  • Then you have your Meriden’s and Chakras treated by yoga and Reiki practitioners.
  • Lastly you have the deepest layer involving the cells and actual vibrations of the atoms. Recent research shows that this layer is largely controlled by thoughts and intentions and treated with meditation.

“ You Have A Weed With A Root That Sprouts From The Muscle Level Down To The Meridan Level, You Have To Pull The Weed Out Through ALL The Levels To Be Fully Healed”

Imagine a problem area in your body that starts at the superficial level of muscles but then starts to sprout into the nervous system and down into the chi flow level. You would need to see at least 3 specialists (a traditional doctor, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist) to treat each of the levels that the root sprouts into.

“The iHeal Technique Works On ALL The Levels Without The Need To See Multiple Specialists And Heals You More Completely”

Now, if you are already seeing another medical professional or specialist, the iHeal Technique is only going to enhance the healing. That specialist will have already paved the way (like loosening the dirt while digging) for the iHeal specialist to dig as deep as possible to take the root out. Teamwork between the iHeal Technique Specialist and the other medical professional creates a powerful synergistic effect of exposing the root of the weed quicker for easier removal.

This synergy gives you faster pain relief, faster injury healing, faster recovery so you can get back to doing the things you love.
You also SAVE MONEY by not having to pay as many copays and other medical expenses since the total number of treatments is DRASTICALLY reduced.

“You Get Better Faster AND You Save Money In The Process By Using The iHeal Technique”

Each session is done in comfortable clothing in a relaxing private room and takes about 30-60 minutes depending on how many weeds you need removed and how deep they are. 85% of the clients feel 100% relief within the first 3 sessions as all the weeds are removed and your healing is completely restored.

If you want to finally get rid of that nagging pain or your recent injury faster than any other treatment option available, the smart choice is to incorporate the iHeal Technique into your healing program

Benefits Of The iHeal Technique You Will Experience Are:

  • No drugs or invasive techniques (no side effects and totally natural and therapeutic)
  • No extensive exercises to perform (you save time and heal with minimal time spent)
  • No pain during treatment (you are 100% comfortable and relaxed during the entire process)
  • Immediate relief of symptoms (no matter how long you have been dealing with your body problem, it can disappear immediately)
  • Works in conjunction with other medical treatments to speed up healing and recovery (physical therapy, massage therapy, or acupuncture can all work synergistically with the iHeal Technique to heal the body faster from the inside out)

The iHeal Technique can heal any condition and not just muscle and joint injuries. Since it maximizes healing, it can improve anything that needs healing.

(You MUST watch this amazing story of how the iHeal Technique saved a life. Watch below!)

“I feel that if it wasn’t for I Heal, I may not have my daughter right now. I can only imagine like if I didn’t have I Heal what could have happened.” Lisa Martusus

How did this amazing healing process come about?
(Here is a story on how that happened by the founder Gavin Segal…)
It was a result of football and too much heavy weight lifting…

Hi, my name is Gavin Segal and like most young athletic kids, I loved sports and weight lifting. I loved football and the feeling of overcoming an obstacle (usually a huge lineman) to complete the simple goal of making a tackle. Because of my passion for fitness and the function of the human body, I studied, practiced, and performed fitness training, tai chi, and sports training and loved doing it.

However there was a time when I could not move in the mornings until the hot water from the shower soaked my back for 30 minutes. Also, I could not reach up or lift things with my shoulder due to an injury and eventual surgery. Like you, I spent a period of time where I pushed my body, ignored the minor aches, and just thought “it will get better”. Well, It Never did…

Years of neglecting my body crippled me. I felt depressed because my mind was young but my body felt like it was twice as old as my mind. Like you, I knew there had to be a better way to fix my body…

I met a healthcare provider that did a technique I’ve never heard about called Reactivation. I was skeptical but with my open mind, I went in with good intentions of healing my shoulder (because I need it to!).
From the first session I was able to move my shoulder and back with almost no pain. I was so shocked because I expected it to help but not as much as it did. I immediately became a student when he eventually offered to teach this amazing healing art and was a student of his for 2 years.

That was the foundation that led me to discover the iHeal Technique. I was able to take the concepts of Reactivation and accelerate its effectiveness by combining my Tai Chi knowledge and years of hands on experience working as a fitness professional. Instead of forcing the body to do things like I did in the beginning, I can now just magnify your own powerful healing energies. This powerful modification is what makes the iHeal Technique so effective.

I spent years mastering the power of self healing and have included a new goal to teaching this amazing technique to other medical and health professionals. I am in the process of creating the iHeal Institute to show people how to heal others effortlessly without the use of drugs. Discovering this has been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding aspects of my life.

Below are some of the few clients over the many years who wanted to share their amazing experience and benefit from the iHeal Technique.

(A massage therapist experiences how deep the iHeal Technique went to remove her weeds. Watch below!)

“I’ve done a lot of body works, I have to say that first, I’ve gotten a lot of body massages and they didn’t do what I Heal did for me. I Heal healed me on an energetic level. It was deeper than just really seeing my muscles. It went on a much much deeper level.”
Sharice Sloan

(A workout enthusiast get back to working out faster than any other treatment. Watch below!)

“After just one session, I felt a big difference. I could tell that things were loosening up and after a few sessions, I wasn’t in pain anymore and I was able to go back to regular workout regimen. I feel like it made me stronger and I was able to do my work out again without feeling any pain and if it ever feels like it’s going to go out again, I know I can get it fixed immediately”
Tina Lynerd

I am not a big medicine person and was always looking for alternatives to the whole system. Two years ago, when I tore my meniscus looking for decorations in the attic, I was in so much pain, I could not walk without a cane. Imagine, being a teacher in your 30s, generally active and having 3 children, but all of a sudden you can’t do it anymore because of a silly accident.
I went to Gavin. I knew he was trained in iHeal. Albeit, I was a little leery at first. How could I possibly feel better with this agony, but not take any medicine? I had my first session, and within a day, I was walking without a cane. The relief I felt was amazing!

I was so confident in Gavin and iHeal, that I allowed my 12 year old son to go. His left arm was in a cast for 3 weeks after he fell playing basketball. Once the cast was removed, he could not “unbend” his arm. I took him to “Mr. Segal” and that same day, Zack’s arm went from a 100 degree angle to being perfectly straight! He was also able to move his arm around comfortably and has not had any problems with it since! Imagine the relief you feel as a parent! I highly recommend Total Body Reactivation to anyone!
Michelle McGill

“Trying to remain active is challenging when the body doesn’t respond like it did 20 years ago. I found myself participating in less activities and blaming my age and body. This all changed when Gavin explained an innovative process called iHeal. He briefly explained how this non-invasive iHeal technique could help me get back out there doing what I loved to do. I met with Gavin for a couple of sessions and immediately felt the amazing benefits of the iHeal techniques. I remember calling him in disbelief on how fantastic my body felt the next day following one of his sessions. I was always a little skeptical of alternate methodologies, but the results were undeniable for me. I feel fortunate to have discovered Gavin’s effective iHeal process and would recommend a couple of sessions to awaken your body and increase your active lifestyle. Thank you Gavin!”
Craig Garritano
Former College Football All-American

The first time I went to an iHeal session with Gavin, I felt very different. It wasn’t until I played tennis later that day until I realized how great my legs felt. I have dealt with chronic pain from numerous injuries I have sustained as a college soccer player. I have had ACL reconstruction and shoulder reconstruction. After iHeal, I have gotten back to some things that I was unable to do such as jogging and playing soccer. The problems I was having were not while I was involved in the activities, but it was the pain in the days or weeks following that made me avoid some of the things that I love to do. My job requires me to be extremely active which made me avoid certain activities even more. As a result of working with Gavin, I have a new feeling of strength and I’m trying more activities with less caution than I was prior to iHeal.
Mark Housel
Jaggard Physical Education Teacher

(How a Hair Colorist got better and better results from a few sessions to be pain free. Watch below!)

“It helped me in every way. It allowed me to do my job better which I’m a hair colorist so obviously I have my hands up a lot so that really helped m. so for me it was immediate after the first session and then I continued a couple of sessions after that which made it even better.”
DinaRae Patane

“If You Are Dealing With Pain Or Just Want Something To Finally Heal, Then Take The Risk Free Offer Below…”

Because you deserve to be pain free without the use of dangerous drugs, we want you to experience the healing powers of the iHeal Technique from the actual founder Gavin Segal risk free and at a huge discount.

You can come and experience the iHeal Technique for 50% off and a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t think it helped you in anyway we will give you a 100% refund within the first week. This huge discount is available to first time customers only of course.

What Will You Expect From The First Session?

  • Even if you only partially believe in the power of iHeal… it will speed up the healing process of your body
  • Even if you don’t have a “Major Injury”… it will optimize your body to feel better
  • Even if you don’t have time to take care of yourself… it will restore your body’s energy and health to your youthful state
  • Even if you are 100% skeptical… you get your money back anyway with nothing to lose

During Your First Session You Will:

  • Review your online intake form with the specialist to discuss exactly what you want to heal immediately
  • In your comfortable clothing you will either relax on your back on the treatment table or be seated
  • The specialist will gently move your body and ask you to move specific parts to discover where those weeds are
  • The specialist will find the weeds and gently push on your body with his finger tips
  • You will experience immediate improvement in movement quality, amount of motion available, and reduction in pain
  • You will feel more relaxed and less tense from the improved healing energy
  • You will leaving knowing exactly how the treatment that day works together with your overall recommended plan to heal completely
  • You will know how many treatment it may take and what you have to do to heal completely

(How severe back pain was relieved in one session. Watch below!)

“After 45 minutes to an hour working on me, I was able to get up and walk to my car and not feel any lower back pain, it’s like it never happened. Being able to adjust a problem without going to medication over the counter or being on prescription, its I believe, holistic healing.”
Sammy Bermudez

Once you take advantage of this special offer for 50% off your first 30 minute session of iHeal, you will be sent emails with simple effortless instructions to follow to maximize your results with the iHeal Technique.
Just click on the Heal My Pain Now button below NOW
(insert buy now button with the price $97 slashed to $48.50)
(for first time clients only)

Because Gavin is so busy, this offer is only available on a first come first serve basis. If his dedicated slots for the iHeal Technique sessions are full, then we will not be able to provide this discount.
You will know if a session slot is available in the next screen once you click on the BUY NOW button. If there are not slots available, you will not be changed and will be put on a waiting list.

“As if It’s Not Amazing Enough, There Is One more exciting thing to mention about the iHeal Technique…”

When all of your weeds have been removed from your body it has beneficial effects beyond powerful healing. When your body has uninterrupted flow of healing energy your mind and body can work synergistically to produce powerful effects.
This might sound unbelievable or impossible, but the fact is, it can increase your potential to reach whatever goals and intention you have.

“Yes, the iHeal Technique can improve your chances of achieving your intentions and goals even if you don’t have pain”

If you are focused on what you want and have the right intention and energy towards, it, the iHeal Technique will help you achieve that goal.Gavin’s iHeal sessions have been amazing for my 15-year-old son. As a skateboarder, my son has found that his balance, coordination and ability to land his tricks is markedly improved after his treatments with Gavin. We consider iHeal Technique to be his “secret weapon” for success. I highly recommend Gavin’s work to all parents who have children involved in sports. It allows them to truly perform at their best! – Traci Rosenberg, Marlton, NJ

Taking action is the only way to change outcomes. The iHeal Technique is so simple and yet so powerful – I know you will make the right decision to give it a try.

“With nothing to lose, the smart decision is to try it. Right?”

When you do, you will experience an ancient art that has existed for thousands of years come to life to help you achieve your goals and get rid of any body problems. You will heal like when you were young again!
If you want to see the immediate effect of iHeal Treatment, watch the 7 seconds clip below to see the amazing instant motion improvements!

Here is the more amazing thing… That client was seen for his tingling and numbness in his arms NOT his hips! Not only did his tingling and numbness (which he’s had for years) disappear immediately, his hip motion was also restored!
You can take advantage of our limited time offer for 50% off your first 30 minutes session of iHeal by clicking on the BUY NO Heal My Pain Now button below


Even if you are currently getting some type of treatment from another medical professional, the iHeal Technique will work synergistically with other treatment to rapidly speed up your healing and pain relief.
There is no reason to wait for a better opportunity. NOW is the best time to take action and do the one thing that can make your body heal and feel like when you were young… pain free and without problems…

“Well going up and down steps was really brutal for me with my back, my neck, getting in and out of the car, doing sports. I can do all of that now and I just went bowling this past weekend for the first time in a couple of years and it was phenomenal. I loved it, great time, I had no pain. So I’ll say it works.” Jenny Fante

I believe the iHeal Technique is the most amazing healing technique. This is why I believe Gavin WILL change the Heath Care industry.

I am working diligently to help Gavin set up the iHeal Institute and allow him to teach this breakthrough approach to healing. At Body Solutions, our core philosophy is about combining Eastern and Western approaches in a holistic way to help all people (including YOU : )

The iHeal Technique fits perfectly with our core value and I know Gavin will be so busy he will have a long waiting list of clients.

You know we only bring in the best people to our team at Body Solutions. So trust me when I say you WILL feel better immediately and be amazed when you try your first 30 minute session of iHeal Technique.

In 30 minutes, your worst roots will be identified.

In 30 minutes your healing energy will be maximized

In 30 minutes you will FEEL better!

In 30 minutes you will be amazed!


I’m super excited to have you tell me how amazing your experience was

I look forward to discussing your results with you at Body Solutions

Dr. Steve Young, DPT, CSCS

P.S. In treating patients over the past decade, the one common variable that dictates success in overcoming bod problems has been taking action. My patients who actually implement changes, do their exercises, or actually show up for their treatments ALL get better. This is your opportunity to feel awesome. You just need to take action.

This is why we are offering your first iHeal Technique session at half price and with a money back guarantee. I want you to take action now and feel better.

P.S.S Don’t think I am hyping the limited slots for this offer. If you have been a massage client here, you know how effective our programs are and have experienced the long wait for scheduling.

True experts get busy and I guarantee that Gavin will be too busy to offer this discount in the very near future.

So stop reading and make the smart choice to maximize your health and end your pain with a 30 minutes session of iHeal Technique by click below

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to take my clothes off like a massage therapy sessionAnswer: No. You can keep your clothes on and remain comfortable during the entire session. This saves you time and makes the session more effective.
  • Is there soreness during or after the treatment from the manual techniques?Answer: No. The process of magnifying the healing chemical reactions of the body takes very light pressure in combination with the use of energy, will, and mind. None of those tools hurt.
  • How long are the sessions typically?
    Answer: We offer 30 and 60 minute sessions. We first start with the 30 minute session to assess how extensive are the blockages. Many times the 30 minute sessions are enough but some may require the 60 minute session.
  • Are there daily exercises or things I need to do after the session?Answer: Usually no. However, some clients need to use light isometrics (squeezing muscles at rest) to enhance the effects of the iHeal Technique.
  • I just had surgery. Can this help?Answer: Absolutely! The iHeal Technique works in conjunction with any traditional medical treatments or surgical procedures. You body wants to heal. The iHeal Technique just makes it happen MUCH faster and more completely.
  • I have an event coming up and I need to feel better FAST. Can the iHeal Technique help?Answer: Yes. If you come with the right Mind, Will, and Energy, you body’s healing reactions will be in place. Then the iHeal Technique Specialist will be able to greatly magnify it to make you feel better that day.

Click on the Heal My Pain Now button below to see if there is a spot for your discounted session. If there isn’t you can check back at a later date. However if there is, make the right decision to take the offer and buy the 50% discounted 30 minute session today.