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If you just started and have not completed any of the practice sections in the journal, Welcome! I love how you are checking all the options and seeing what this is all about before diving in!

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If you need ideas on how to start the Obstacles Into Opportunities Mental Practice, Click Here For examples on how to apply it to other areas in life besides “Health”.

If you just FINISHED your 66 days of Obstacles Into Opportunities Practice, You Rock!

Now, if you have already registered your points for your 66 days of practice in the Obstacles Into Opportunities Mental Practice section, click on one of the choices below.  While the tendency is to do it all, start with the ONE that you feel will give you the biggest benefit.

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nutrition mastery

You are ready to move onto your practice of establishing a loving and guilt free relationship with food for life long health. Click Here to begin your Journey.


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Body Mastery

You are ready to discover a movement program that serves as your path for self discovery and an unstoppable body to match your Solutionite Mindset. Click here to begin your journey.


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Habit Mastery

You are ready to update your habits to best serve your current goals now. Click below to get started.


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When you are done any of the practices from above, come back to this page and register your achievements by clicking on the links above.

Together, we can make a REAL difference in creating a world full of hope and forward progress while fighting the “poisoned for profits” situation. If you are not aware of this, then CLICK HERE to learn more and get resources to protect you and your family.

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Now, keep on practicing and mastering areas in your life that connect you to your inner Solutionite. With every point you earn, we donate money directly to charities that protect us from Cancer and disease causing chemicals!

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