Having some difficulty with your Nutrition practice? It’s OK! This section will give you some guidance to complete this journey.
Here are some tips that may be helpful.
1. For the hunger scale, your long term goal is to stay between a 4-6 80% of the time. This will help you build your practice for a healthy quantity of food.

2. For the Healthy scale, your subjective rating will change over time. Yes, as you become more practiced at your healthy relationship with food, the previous “7” foods will be “<7”. Having what you thought was very healthy be less is normal. This is because you’re eating more healthy and your relationship is improving!

3. Having trouble “feeling” the emotions before, during, and after your meal or snack? Try practicing this alone in a quite room. This will make it easier to connect to your emotions. Once you have this practice down, then progress to social settings.

Having some resistance with your habit practice? It’s OK! This section will give you the guidance to complete this journey.
Below are some tips that may be helpful:
1. If finding the “hidden habits” has been difficult, review and get clear on your priorities. Make sure they are “up to date”. Outdated priorities can cause “blind spots” in identifying your most powerful habit to update.

2. Having difficulty sticking to the schedule for changing the habit? Tell as many people (friends, family, co-workers) as possible to leverage social pressure to succeed.

3. Give yourself rewards! Create a system rewards throughout the journey. For example, reward yourself with a massage after 20 days of your habit practice.

Having some resistance with your body practice? It’s OK! This section will give you the guidance to complete this journey.
Here are some tips that may be helpful in your journey.

1. If you are having difficulty with finding a movement program that is a path you enjoy, think back to when you were a child. Ask yourself “what ideas would my 6 year old self tell me regarding a movement program filled with joy and purpose”?

2. If you have your movement program and are having difficulty extracting any lessons from it, slow down! Shift your focus away from the repetitions or resistance and just tune in to the movement and sensations you feel. Then ask “how does this apply to my life?”

3. There are time for “pushing the limits” and there are times for “holding back”.  Practice this concept by listening to your gut. Follow that and take note of the effects. Then revise as needed. Overtime, you will master this and greatly reduce the risk for any Pain In Life that does not serve your goals.

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