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It is important to master the basics in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before trying new things. Remember it’s not about the belt it’s about the skill. You may think you know the basics but how much do you really understand them? If you are trying to showcase, you are already in the wrong mind set. In my white/blue belt days, I was one of those who wanted to learn all the cool moves. I’d look up moves on YouTube, books, dvds and just by seeing it, I thought I was better than the other guys who were at my level. I trained with GREAT BJJ practitioners and every time they would get the best of me with BASIC techniques. It was because I was trying to do more than what I truly new. I thought I knew the basics already because I knew what a symmetrical choke was or a knee to elbow escape, I had received my blue belt, but they kept reminding me of how much I didn’t know about the basics.

Learning the basics is more than just learning the basic submissions. To really understand the foundation in the basics is to understand the positions, the control/balance of the positions, transitions from each position, the strategy using the positions, the submissions, and the strategy using the submissions to capitalize better positioning, better submissions, better escapes or just better control. More importantly, develop a better understanding in the reactions to basic attempts. This has taken me years to accomplish and I’m still “tweaking” this with the basics of BJJ.  I have felt that if I could make a habit to remember reactions to whatever I do, I could come out more on top in training sessions. I am sharing with you that understanding the basic fundamentals BJJ has been my number one tool, so before going out and applying yourself with more work, work with less. Develop yourself to be a huge threat with the basics. If you are not a threat with the basics you have not understood the basics of BJJ and you are setting yourself up for failure.

At Body Solutions we learn the science behind Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You will learn not just the moves but you will learn why the moves work based on how the body mechanics to make it work. The more you learn the body mechanics with moves, the more you can adapt and the better you can execute the moves. Taking a basic class here at Body Solutions Inc is like starting all over again. Don’t think like a black belt, think like a white belt and act like a black belt.

As a helpful tip don’t rush to learn advance techniques. Take your time with the basics. Learn them and understand all of it. Don’t think that because you have a darker color tied around your waist that the basics are a waste of time to train in. I guarantee you; you probably have been submitted with more basic moves than any others and you always will. The basics are where it’s at.

Train hard and train safe- Coach Vic

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