Your 4 Step Lipo Laser Package

Use this “4 Step” system to take full control of your weight and lose more inches in 1 month than 1 year of hard exercise and dieting without any frustration, wasted time, or money 

If you want to learn how we have take the proven and extremely popular process of lipo laser and made it 3X more effective and at half the cost, click here to fully “get it” before you buy.  (you’ll know more about fat loss than most doctors and trainers after you read it!)

Read below to see all the benefits of the program and how you will lose those inches!


10 Sessions Of Lipo Laser Enhanced With Our 4 Step System to Lose 3x The Inches (You will come 2-3 days a week. We work with your schedule to make it easy for you)

20 minutes of Laser on your chosen target area ($2400 value)

  • To Excite the fat And Move it out of the fat cells (It’s like squeezing a sponge) without any discomfort
  • You will get to choose where you want to feel the fat melt away from (stomach, thighs, arms, chest)
  • You will be able see inches lost and less fat in the area after just 2-3 visits. (we had one client lose 3 INCHES in 1 week)

20 Minutes of pulsed magnetic therapy ($720 value)

  • To Accelerate the process of getting the fat out of the cells by up to 40% (yes losing more inches IS awesome!)
  • You comfortably lay on the table with the laser and the magnetic machine at the same time (enjoy 20 minutes of ultra healing “me time”) while MORE fat is immediately being squeezed out of your cells effortlessly

10 Minutes of “Mobilizing Manual Therapy” ($240 value)

  • A medical manual therapist will push the fat away from the area and break up the lumps using a healing lotion that accelerates the fat burning process!
  • This helps you see amazing results immediately and makes your body lose more inches faster

20 Minutes of a “Concentric only” workout ($360 value)

  • This will burn the released fat to Remove it from your body PERMANENTLY
  • You will do it right after your lipo laser treatment here in the office using our specific “concentric only” machines designed to 2x your metabolism

Complete supplement program ($210 value)

  • Helps free up the fat to burn more easily (so you lose MORE inches)
  • Helps reduce the inflammation in the area (so you see results FASTER)
  • Helps give your body more energy (so you feel amazing)
  • Helps stop the “comfort food” cravings so your results are guaranteed
  • JUST THE SUPPLEMENTS ALONE has research to support a 8-15 pound weight loss in the first month!

Movement Program To Speed Up Your Metabolism ($97 value)

  • Simple workout to do at home each day for 15 minutes in the morning to speed up your metabolism all day!
  • We will provide all the equipment (included in this package) and the simple to follow instructional videos

Nutrition Plan And Recipes ($147 value)

  • We will give you a nutrition plan to use to burn fat fast!
  • Also, you get a recipe plan to make delicious fat burning foods you will enjoy

Total Value $4147

This is your risk free offer to get the 4 Step Lipo Removal System  that comes with a money back guarantee. If you don’t lose any measurable girth, you get your well spent investment back!  (as long as you follow the program and all the exercise and nutrition recommendations 100%)

BONUS: If you get the system before January 9th we will give you 50% more! (additional $2160 in Value)

  1. Get 30 minutes of lipo laser instead of 20 to lose more fat ($1200 value)
  2. Get 30 minutes of healing massage as a BONUS while you are getting the laser treatments ($600 value)
  3. Get 30 minutes of the PEMF for better fat loss and more healing and rejuvenation ($360 value)



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After you complete the check out and have secured your amazing deal, we will call you to schedule your first session within 24 hours. During that session, you will be given the nutrition plan, the supplements, and fully understand the process of how to lose those stubborn inches!

Then we will set up a schedule to come that fits your routine so you can get here and be pampered with the massage and lipo laser followed by the most effective metabolism boosting and fat burning workout possible.

Enjoy this offer and the best year ever in 2018!




FAQ (For You To Make A Smart Decision)

Q: Are the thighs considered 1 or 2 body parts?

A: We will be able to treat both thighs as one body part


Q: Are the treatments done at your facility?

A: Yes, the Laser, the massage, the exercises, the magnetic wave therapy, and all the tips and tricks to help you lose more weight and more inches will be given to you at out ultra zen and non toxic facility!


Q: What will I see with each treatment?

A: Each session will immediately help squeeze the fat out of your trouble areas. Then the fat will be burned off. On average people have seen 1-4 cm of reduction in size with every treatment. Yes, you will feel the slimming affects and see the inches lost immediately. Get ready to hear the compliments!


Q: Does it hurt and is there any healing or recovery time?

A: No. There is no discomfort and no cells are damaged. The 4 step program will help you feel comfortable and we will even have some bonus relaxing and stress reduction treatments for you during your lipo laser!


Q: What if I already have exactly the results I want in an area and I still have extra sessions left? 

A: We can use it on another body part or you can save it for future use.