live longer


Learn the actions you can take to live longer with better health and less pain

20 years ago, I set a goal to live to 150. It wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a fear of death.


It was based on the research that was happening.


So in this article I will go over what actions you can take to live longer and with less pain.


ACTION 1: Update

Update your belief system. Do you currently “have a high pain threshold / tolerance”? If so, this belief will keep you living with pain. Having a high pain tolerance means that you will endure low pain without doing anything about it.

So you can update your belief to “I am tough and I don’t give up easily yet I am very in tune to my body’s signals.”


This belief system will allow your brain to perceive and make a distinction as to harmful versus not harmful pain.


ACTION 2: Systems

Your life is just a product of your environment and your “systems” and routines. Most people use the system of reacting to severe pain. They wait until moderate damage has been done to the body before taking action.


So, you can put a system in place to prevent damage. One thing you can do is to get massage therapy on a regular basis to keep your body in proper alignment and remove the buildup of stiffness. This will help minimize your risk of injury and keep you feeling amazing.

Make sure you get a Medical or Therapeutic massage from a skilled professional. This will be different than a spa massage. An expert massage therapist can heal you while an unskilled one can hurt you.

If you don’t have a massage therapist already, you can be assured to a safe and effective massage by booking online HERE.


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ACTION 3: Less Chemicals

We are being poisoned for profits. Yes, many companies have added chemicals to their products to maximize profits. However, those chemicals are causing us illness. You can learn more at a site we built to give you better product choices HERE.


On that site, you can use a database to buy safe products right on Amazon and eliminate the chemical risk. You can learn more on how the 81,800 untested chemicals (yes, no safety testing at all…) are affecting cancer and many other disease rates.



Life is more and more busy. The average American sleeps 1 hour less, is more stressed, and is 30% more overweight than people 20 years ago. Take time for yourself to just be.


Stillness and just being with you has been proven by science to decrease inflammation, improve happiness, accelerate healing, and improve sleep quality. So, set aside time during the week to just sit and be.


Don’t worry, your “to do list” will still be there. It never ends.


So put these actions into place and live!