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Body Solutions Provides the Perfect Blend of Medical Science and Massage Therapy for World Class Pain and Stress Relief

When we first opened our doors in Voorhees, NJ back in 2003, massage therapy wasn’t even offered to our clients. In fact, Body Solutions began as a full-service Physical Therapy facility and this remains our primary focus today. Although we have dramatically expanded services since our founding, physical therapy remains our primary focus and the secret of our success–especially when it comes to massage therapy!

The Body Solutions Difference

Image of a man receiving a relaxing Full Body Massage at Body Solutions in Vorhees, NJ

At Body Solutions, our licensed Physical Therapists and medical staff work in tandem with your licensed massage therapy to first identify the root cause of your pain. Then, our staff develops a custom treatment plan for you that synergistically combines the latest medical technology with the ancient art of massage therapy.

Bottom Line: We get you feeling pain free faster and more completely with our unique approach!

Our physical therapists and medical staff work together with the licensed massage therapist to identify the root of your pain and develop a treatment approach that synergistically combines the latest medical technology and the ancient art of massage.

How Does this Differ From Most Massage Therapists?

Make no mistake: A great deep-tissue massage from a licensed massage therapist should leave you feeling absolutely relaxed. However, you have probably felt that “good pain” and general soreness the day after which can make it more difficult to get back to training and your normal routine. But at Body Solutions, our unique blend of medical Science with proven massage therapy techniques both maximize the positive effects of your massage while minimizing that next day “soreness” so common with most massages.

To optimize pain relief and minimize next-day soreness, our licensed massage therapists use a wide range of advanced massage therapy techniques, including:

Myofascial Release:

Our licensed massage therapists use this soft tissue therapy to alleviate the pain and loss of motion caused by somatic dysfunction (or injuries to your musculoskeletal system). We accomplish this by relaxing your contracted muscles to increase your circulation and stimulate your stretch reflex in both muscles and fascia. This technique is very effective for training and exercise injuries and helps significantly reduce recovery time.


Image of a male massage client receiving Rolfing Therapy

This therapy begins with our licensed massage therapist feeling for imbalances in tissue texture and temperature. Next, the therapist will use specialized techniques to separate the connective tissue from muscles that have been injured or pulled out of position. Lastly, the connective tissues and muscles are realigned to loosen tight tissues, detoxify cells, and ultimately reduce stress.


Ever been interested in trying Acupuncture (the ancient Chinese practice of using tiny needles to remove toxins, alleviate stress, and other medicinal properties) but don’t like needles? Then Acupressure is for you because instead of needles, your licensed massage therapist applies expertly administered amounts of pressure at critical “Chi” points throughout your body. When properly stimulated with the right amount of pressure, these points will release bound-up muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and eliminate those nagging pains and cramps that never seem to go away–until now!

Trigger Point Therapy:

Trigger points are basically big knots of muscle that when compressed, may cause one to feel tenderness, pain, or even a “twitching” response. These trigger points often radiate pain to larger areas even when not compressed and also to areas not in the same vicinity as the trigger point itself. Our licensed massage therapists work in conjunction with our physical therapists and medical staff to identify trigger points and alleviate them using a number of specialized massage therapy techniques.

And that’s not all: Our Licensed Physical Therapists, medical staff, and certified massage therapists have specifically designed custom massage techniques to suit your exact lifestyle, including:

  • Weight Lifting Massage Therapy:

    Weight lifting leads to intense tightness and stiffness afterwards because your fascia (fibrous tissue) encasing your expanding muscles is inflamed. This special Body Movement massage helps improve your range of motion and alleviate stiffness/tightness for improved muscle development.

  • MMA and BJJ Massage Therapy:

    Recover from injuries faster and keep your training program on track with our specially designed MMA and BJJ Massage Therapy! We utilize our Body Combat Massage to restore your body’s alignment to maximize your recovery and overall power. When your body is in the right position, you can generate much more powerful punches, kicks, and submissions.

  • Mud Runner Massage Therapy:

    Mud Runner, Warrior Dash, and Tough Runner are all intense programs that require intense training. Our specialized Mud Runner Massage Therapy is designed to eliminate “lumps and knots” common to players of these extreme contests. Afterwards, your muscle tension will be released, the pain gone, and your recovery will be fully on track so you can go out and win again!

  • Yoga/Pilates Massage Therapy:

    You’ll finally be able to effortlessly perform even some of the most complex, body-bending positions in Yoga and take your Pilates to the next level thanks to our Yoga and Pilates Massage Therapy! This massage is specifically designed to help improve your range of motion and provide a deep sense of relaxation and well-being–the perfect end to any Yoga or Pilates class!

  • Business Owner Massage Therapy:

    CEO’s, Executives, and business owners will fall in love with this specially designed medical massage because it provides a wide range of benefits, including: Sleeping better and more soundly; Immediate headache relief; Immediate relief for stiff back and neck; Immediate Stress Relief. And yes: Each and every massage is customized to suit your exact needs and ensure immediate relief.

  • Busy Bee Massage Therapy:

    If you can’t remember the last time you took a day off–let alone had a massage–then this option is definitely for you! Our Busy Bee Massage Therapy includes Aromatherapy in the background while our licensed Massage Therapist focuses on eliminating the stress, tension, and toxins that are weighing you down. When you’re done, you’ll feel completely “pampered” and stress free!

Client’s Testimonials

  • Penny Bilofsky
    “Love working with Jason feels like he really listens to me. I am working on weight loss which is slow and he keeps me motivated”

  • Steve Paglione
    “I have been working out at Body Solutions for 7 weeks now. I have never been happier with a facility or trainer. Rich Pohler takes the time to get to know his clients’ limitations and designs a workout specifically for them. I have achieved great results in just 7 weeks with Rich. My chest, arms, and legs have grown, while my waist has shrunk. I am confident that Rich can help anyone reach their goals.”

  • Colleen Normandin
    “I discovered Body Solutions through a Groupon. I bought two massages, one for my daughter and one for myself. We were both so impressed with the we are continuing to return for follow-up sessions.”

  • Connie Wagner
    “This was my first experience with a massage that was much more, a medical message.Victor first pinpointed my weak points and told me that I am probably having issues in specific areas. I get pleasure telling friends about Victor because I know they will get results. ”

Want to Get Your Hands On Our BEST Massage Therapy Secrets?

Then Just Fill Out the Form Below and Gain Instant Access to Our $29.95 eBook for free!

  • Get rid of your own neck and back pain!
  • Absolutely No Purchase Required–It’s Totally Free!
  • Learn the Techniques and Surprise Your Loved One!

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