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At Body Solutions, You Get Far More than “Just a Massage”: You Get A Complete System Of Massage, Stretching, and Corrective Exercises To End Your Pain And Stiffness!

Body Solutions is your ideal place to receive world class massage therapy because every single massage has been designed, tested, and perfected with the help of our licensed physical therapists, medical staff, and licensed massage therapists. This means that we don’t just treat the symptoms (the aches, pains, andstiffness)–we also isolate the problem and use the proper techniques to alleviate it and the right exercises to KEEP itrelieved.

Image of a male client receiving the Total Body Solutions Massage

Our unique combination of methods provides a complete muscle and joint treatment focused on the root cause – and the relief – of your pain. In addition, we have developed several Full Body and Targeted Massage Therapy Solutions to suit your exact needs, lifestyle, and body type. Everyone’s body is different. Our unique system of massage breaks your differences down and isolates the exact problem to end your nagging stiffness and tightness.

So whether you are looking for some quick stress relief after work or to help reduce your recovery time after an intense workout–we’ve got you covered with 5 Total Body and 5 Targeted Massage Therapy Solutions for you to choose from!

Total Body Massage Therapy Solutions

Total Body Solutions Massage

Indulge yourself in the ultimate treat any day of the week by signing up for our signature Total Body Solutions Massage. Available in both 50- and 80-minute sessions, this massage is specifically designed to relieve muscle tension, promote overall relaxation, and help you sleep better and sounder!

Body Aromatherapy Massage

Every massage therapist at Body Solutions is also certified in Aromatherapy as well so they know exactly how to nourish your skin, eliminate toxins, and boost your immune system. In addition, our custom blend of massage oils are specifically designed to alleviate headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, and even provide relief from sinus infections. Body Aromatherapy Massages are available in 50- and 80-minute sessions to help restore and revitalize your mind, body and spirit!

Image of a Woman receiving a Lava Shell Massage at Body Solutions in Vorhees, NJ

Body Lava Shell Massage

Our Body Lava Shell Massage combines the therapeutic properties of genuine Tiger Clam shells with the deep penetrating qualities of essential oils. The warm Tiger Clam shells help enhance the penetration of the essential oils to help speed deep relaxation and relief to your muscles. You may schedule a 50- or 80-minute session and then just sit back and let our certified massage therapist pamper you with one of the most soothing and relaxing experiences you’ll ever know!

Body Mind Massage

Our Body Mind Massage is specifically designed to eliminate stress from your mind and body by combining our Full Body Massage with hypnosis. During your 25-minute session, we induce deep relaxation using specially designed hypnotherapy audio tracks. And as you listen to the licensed psychotherapist lull you into deep relaxation, our certified massage therapist soothes away the accumulated stress and tension until you leave in a state of complete relaxation and calm!


Feel free to wear loose fitting clothing to your very own 50 or 80-minute Shiatsu massage session! This ancient healing tradition dates back more than 2,000 years to Japan where practitioners apply precise amounts of thumb pressure to varying points along energy meridians to both relax AND energize your mind, body and spirit!

Targeted Relief Massage Solutions

Are you an athlete or engaging in high impact training? Looking for specific relief from an injury, muscle knot, loss of mobility or chronic pain? Then look no further than our Targeted Relief massages, including:

Body Movement Massage

Improve mobility while releasing tight, fatigued muscles and joints with our very popular Body Movement Massage. Available in 25, 50, and 80-minute sessions, this specialized service includes deep-tissue techniques combined with stretching exercises designed to relax taut muscles and restore joint movement. This massage is customized to help the weekend warrior who love Golf, softball, basketball, or just likes to run and weightlift. If you are active, and need a massage, this is the perfect massage to get rid of your stiff neck, back, hip, and shoulder.

Body Combat Massage

Are you a hard core athlete participating in active sports, such as MMA/BJJ; football; basketball; soccer; etc? If so, then injuries can quickly put one of action and on the sidelines while your skills deteriorate! But at Body Solutions, our licnesed massage therapists get you “back in action” faster user a number of techniques and medical devices, including:

  • Myofascial Release with Electronic Muscle Stimulation
  • Deep Tissue Work
  • Trigger-Point Therapy

Before starting, our licensed massage therapist will evaluate you to assess your exact needs and then customize the best massage approach for your body. The Body Combat Massage is the ultimate therapeutic massage for anyone competing in active sports. Because of the high intensity and pressure of this massage, it is strictly reserved for serious athletes only looking for immediate relief of pain and stiffness. It is available in 50 and 80-minute sessions!*

*Available only during our Physical Therapy hours.

Body Alignment Massage

Image of a woman receiving a Body Alignment Massage at Body Solutions

Do you sit or stand in one position for hours at a time each day? If so, than you likely have chronic neck or lower back pain leading to poor posture–which only makes matters worse!

The Body Alignment Massage is specifically designed to enhance freedom of movement while alleviating neck/lower back pain using Myofacial Release. This specialized soft tissue therapy alleviates the pain and loss of motion caused by somatic dysfunction. When finished with your 50- or 80-minute session, you will notice increased range of motion and relief from your chronic neck/lower back pain. You will sit and stand taller and feel less pressure throughout your body.


Bogged down by stress and a chronic case of “minor ailments” that just never seem to go fully away (like sinusitis, headaches, or congestion)? Then help your body heal itself using Reflexology therapeutic massages to remove the stress, tension and minor ailments through energy meridians. These energy meridians are strategically located in your hands, feet, and ears and our certified massage therapist will use them to eliminate the accumulated stress and toxins! Reflexology therapeutic massages are available in 50-minute sessions and loose-fitting clothing is welcome.


For more than 3,000 years, traditional Chinese healers have used Acupuncture needles to treat a wide range of ailments, including:

  • Chronic Pain including Arthritis, Lower Back/Neck
  • Muscle Aches and Pains
  • Headaches
  • Cramps
  • And Much More!

With Acupressure Therapy, you get the same healing and therapeutic benefits of Acupuncture–but without the needles! That’s right: Our certified massage therapist administers very specific levels of pressure at critical “Chi” points throughout your body. This specific pressure will then release pent up muscular tension, improve blood circulation, and restore your body’s optimal flow of Chi energy.

Acupressure Therapy is available in 50 and 80-minute sessions but is NOT a full body massage so underclothing will be needed to complete your initial assessment.

Client’s Testimonials

  • Penny Bilofsky
    “Love working with Jason feels like he really listens to me. I am working on weight loss which is slow and he keeps me motivated”

  • Steve Paglione
    “I have been working out at Body Solutions for 7 weeks now. I have never been happier with a facility or trainer. Rich Pohler takes the time to get to know his clients’ limitations and designs a workout specifically for them. I have achieved great results in just 7 weeks with Rich. My chest, arms, and legs have grown, while my waist has shrunk. I am confident that Rich can help anyone reach their goals.”

  • Colleen Normandin
    “I discovered Body Solutions through a Groupon. I bought two massages, one for my daughter and one for myself. We were both so impressed with the we are continuing to return for follow-up sessions.”

  • Connie Wagner
    “This was my first experience with a massage that was much more, a medical message.Victor first pinpointed my weak points and told me that I am probably having issues in specific areas. I get pleasure telling friends about Victor because I know they will get results. ”

Want to Get Your Hands On Our BEST Massage Therapy Secrets?

Then Just Fill Out the Form Below and Gain Instant Access to Our $29.95 eBook for free!

  • Get rid of your own neck and back pain!
  • Absolutely No Purchase Required–It’s Totally Free!
  • Learn the Techniques and Surprise Your Loved One!

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