Medical Screening

According to research, any imbalances in muscle strength or flexibility greater than 12% leads to a 300% increase in chance for injury! We have developed the most thorough screening process that will detect these imbalances. Once detected, the trainers will utilize specific exercises to correct for these imbalances and avoid exercises that put you at risk for injury.

The key to safe training is exercise selection. Without a proper screening process and a medical staff onsite to address any red flags, training can be dangerous.
This model illustrates how the process works. Once you are cleared for exercise, all the variables that contribute to your current health are collected. For most programs, the most important information collected is calories vs. calories out. With the Body Solutions programs, both variables are defined and controlled. This is the first step toward reaching any fitness goal!

Once you are screened, we then apply our patent pending testing and fitness training protocols. The protocol along with the entire program is directed a physial therapist. Published research show that programs directed by Physical Therapists are 64% safer than ones directed by Personal Trainers.

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