MetaMax Movements

These movements get you the maximum fat burning, muscle toning, and tummy tightening effects without the injuries!

Metmax Movements™ provides the perfect balance of working multiple muscles at once and safety for the body. Working more muscles during any exercise leads to more burning of calories, increase in metabolism, and more efficient muscle toning. Using physics, biomechanics, and anatomy each Metmax MovementTM was carefully designed to minimize excessive joint compression and damage.


This balance combination of effectiveness and safety makes Metmax Movements™ a better choice as compared to other forms of exercise.

We have designed each MetMax Movement™ to specific angles, tempo, speed, and position to maximize:

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    WORK = Caloric Expenditure

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    Muscle Toning

  • Connector.Connector.

    Metabolic Rate

  • Connector.Connector.

    Rate of Results

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To achieve all of the above, the movements are specifically designed to use the following concepts to achieve a very specific and effective workout program to accelerate muscle toning, fat loss, and metabolic increase:

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ramp up your metabolism
without excessive joint stress and joint degeneration

Here is a video with 4 movements that work your entire body to ramp up your metabolism
without excessive joint stress and joint degeneration. Once you understand how the body works,
The most effective and efficient workouts can be designed.

Our certified trainers work under our doctors of physical therapy to make sure your routine is safe and effective!

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