Massage for MMA and BJJ Athletes in South Jersey and Philadelphia

Would you like to train harder and more often without worrying about nagging injuries and pains?

Proper recovery from hard BJJ and MMA training involves more than just resting. To recover faster, you need to help those aching muscles and joints heal. Activities like stretching, hot and cold baths, and massage therapy can really help you recover from your mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu jitsu training.

We recommend that you always end your training MMA and BJJ training sessions with an overall stretching program. The stretching minimizes the muscles and joints from constricting and tightening. When the muscles and the connective tissues called fascia tighten, your overall circulation decreases. Overtime you will feel like you just can’t recover as well from the same training sessions. It’s because your muscles are not getting the nutrients they need!

Most of the time, just a few treatments of specialized massage therapy to release those tight fibers is all you need to optimize your recovery and end that pain. It’s like getting a tune up for a car. The harder you train, the more you need tune ups to make sure all of your moving parts are not grinding and out of position.

Now, you can’t just take your fine tuned, well oiled, wrecking machine into just any place. You want someone who knows what MMA and BJJ training does to your body. I think you would agree that it pretty different than just playing weekend softball. You want someone who understands:

how the neck gets strained from a clinch
how the hip tightness limits your guard position and transition
show your forearms get jacked up from all the grip work
how your back gets thrown out from being stacked

At Body Solutions in Voorhees NJ, our director of massage therapy is a licensed massage therapist that has worked on olympic gol medalists. We understand the needs of elite athletes. To take the treatments to the next level, we integrate medical devices like muscle stimulation to fully relax the muscles and alleviate the pain.We then provide you with supplements to heal faster and decrease inflammation naturally. This synergistic blend of hands on skill, medical technology, and natural proven nutrients relieves your pain faster and keeps the pain away.

Don’t let that nagging shoulder pain keep you off the mats.
Don’t let that tight hip limit your Muay Thai kicks.
Don’t keep waiting around hoping for that nagging pain to get better.
Do something about it and get back to training!

If your recovery sucks and you currently have a nagging injury from training MMA or BJJ, you have a simple choice. You can call us to schedule a treatment session with our massage therapists at
856-751-8881 or simply click here to book your massage now.

No matter how bad your injury or pain is, we will be able to fix it. If your condition is beyond the treatment scope of a massage, our doctors of physical therapy will evaluate you. We will detect the cause of that pain and recommend the proper treatment for it. The physical therapy is covered by insurance. If you don’t have insurance, we make our cash rates extremely affordable.

Don’t wait and call us or click here now to schedule for your first massage therapy session at 856-751-8881.