Body Solution’s Story

We believe every obstacle turns into an opportunity…

Luckily, I was a sickly kid. In Taiwan where I was born, I used to get bags of herbs to boil for hours and then drink it. Then when I came to the United States, I remember eating an entire bag of Oreo cookie as my food for the day. I had allergies, acne, and frequent colds. I was so weak I couldn’t do a pull up and got lapped in the 1 mile run during the fitness test in high school.

One day, I decided I didn’t want to be unhealthy anymore. So I started to read every book I could on health, mindset, and nutrition. By applying that knowledge, I cured myself from all of my health problems through food, herbs, and exercise.

From experiencing the miracles of holistic health I became passionate about all things to build a healthy mind and body.

So Body Solutions was born out of this passion to offer

holistic health in 2002. We started with very little as I took over a struggling business. It reminded me of when I first came to the States. We had so little we picked from the trash for our furniture and didn’t have a bathroom. So relative to that experience when I was younger, building this business was going to be easy.

At first, I was the janitor, the secretary, the therapist, the trainer, the book keeper, etc. I did it all, worked 80 hours a week, and slept very little. However I loved it. I felt destined to make a difference and was ecstatic to be taking my first step.

We grew steadily and got a reputation for helping people that failed at other places. I believe it was from our unique approach using a synergy of Eastern and Western medicine. We just didn’t believe in the “take this drug for that symptom” approach. We got people better without drugs and healed people faster using proven natural nutrients and herbal products. We wanted to show the world you can heal without drugs and do it holistically. This text edited by akademischer ghostwriter .

To me that was our first obstacle to turn into an opportunity.

Over the years we grew and needed a bigger location. During that transition 2 things happened that shaped this company into what it is now…

I remember as a kid asking my grandfather to make a bicep muscle. He was a bodybuilder at one time, and even in his 60’s he could make his biceps dance back and forth. He had this amazing quite strength to him and embodied a strong mind and body. However 2 years before we moved into the new building he passed away from cancer.

That was a year before my wife became pregnant with our first daughter Lilly. So, I was a bit concerned about the health of the baby.

I used my understanding of physiology (how the body works from a chemical perspective) to ready everything I could about chemicals and their effects on health. I suspected there was a correlation between cancer, birth defects, autism, and other health risks and chemicals.

What I discovered about chemicals was SHOCKING

Since 1976 about 82,000 chemicals have been introduced into our products and environment and less than 200 has been tested safe! Hospitalizations from drugs almost doubled from 1.25 million to 2.29 million between 2006 and 2009!

So, based on this information we set out to turn the next big obstacle into an opportunity. We wanted to help people PREVENT cancer and other illnesses. We built our new facility completely non toxic. We have better air quality than most hospitals and only use completely natural and non toxic cleaners and products. We wanted to inspire other health and fitness locations to live their claims in every which way.

We didn’t want to just promote health. We wanted to live it and lead by example in our facility, in our way of doing business, and in the way we lived.

So we created a system that allow each and every participant of our services to join us in our fight against the chemical industry. As our clients became healthier using our Solutionite System (I’ll explain that in a bit) they helped generate dollars we donate to non profit groups like and that help to reduce YOUR chemical exposure.

But just getting people in the community to be healthy and having them join us in preventing cancer wasn’t enough.

We wanted to make a bigger impact.

So, we created the a Solutionite System to be shared with other health and fitness professionals. From all over the world others will be able to use our system that holistically helps the community members in their area be healthier, become more fit, heal from injuries faster, and become more empowered and happier.

As the professionals use the system, they are all contributing to cancer prevention. More and more dollars will be raised by their community members (it’s part of the Solutionite System) to help fund this fight.

That will be our greatest legacy.

Our goal is to create 1 Billion Solutionites with the Solutionite System

So what is a Solutionite? A Solutionite is someone who can see opportunities in all obstacles. It’s someone who is on a path for self mastery and self love. It’s someone who is passionate about helping others.

We believe together, we can heal the health of humanity. It doesn’t matter who is in government or what agenda big corporation have. We can take back the power and give it to people like you and me when we work together.

This is our story and we would love to have you, your passion, and your generosity be a part of it.