Our comprehensive holistic approach is the future of therapy that is being applied here and now at Body Solutions. Our staff has combined effective hands on techniques WITH properly designed corrective exercises WITH science proven nutritional information to speed healing and accelerate the recovery process WITH information on the emotion-body connection. Here, you will learn some simple foods and nutritional supplements that will:

Minimize inflammation and scarring
Improve the strength of healing tissues
Improve blood flow to healing sites
Improved raw materials for optimal rate of healing

With proper nutrition and use of specific foods and nutrients, you optimize the internal chemistry of your body for healing. You also learn what emotions or thoughts are correlated to your injury and how to let them go. This approach has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine with success. We have welcomed it and use it to help our patients get back to life faster.As you complete your physical therapy here, you become empowered with the knowledge to have sustainable life long health.

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