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Use Of PEMF Machines To Heal Osteoporosis, Fractures, Muscle Strains, Nerve Injuries, And Even Brain Health 


Before we get to the scientific proof, let’s discuss what PEMF is and how it works.


PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency. While this may be new to you, it’s a concept that has been used in medicine for over a century. Let’s go over a high level overview of what it does. Then we will go over the recent medical research studies and how you can benefit from it.


As humans (I assume you are not an alien…), we have adapted our DNA, our cells, and our bodies to magnetic frequencies. You see, EARTH has a magnetic pulsed frequency of 7.83 hertz.  When our bodies are deprived of this energy, our health suffers.

PEMF is so essential when we are in environments without it, our cells can’t function optimally

NASA has been using PEMF technology on astronauts to supply their cells with the essential PEMF energy for years.  When we don’t get this form of energy, our cells start to slow down the natural healing process. Science doesn’t yet fully understand the full consequences of a lack of PEMF for our bodies yet.


Even when you are on Earth, your body can be shielded from the natural PEMF from Earth. Being indoors built with metal, concrete, and other magnetic field blocking structures will shield your body from this essential energy.  This is why there is emerging science showing the benefits of being in nature. It allows our body to be exposed to Earth’s natural PEMF.

Scientists have learned to harness the healing power of the Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency waves  naturally found on Earth with machines to HEAL YOUR BODY

Let’s look at the science now and its effects on different tissues in the body.


In this article here  the researchers exposed muscles cells to 100Hz of PEMF at 1mT. They found the PEMF increased the number of myoblasts. These are like baby muscle cells for the body.


Scientists even looked at the ability of PEMF to increase those baby muscle cells even when the muscles are inflamed and stressed. This study showed that PEMF was able to increase those muscle cells as well as tendon cell growth even under inflammatory conditions.  Even when the body was under unfavorable conditions for healing, PEMF was able to accelerate the healing.


This study showed that using PEMF reduced the muscle soreness after a workout  The usual DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) was much less when people were exposed to PEMF after workouts.


This study showed that patient with shoulder pain got stronger using PEMF as compared to a placebo. Compared to a placebo (fake PEMF), the treated patients has significantly higher strength measurements where the placebo group had none.


PEMF can even help with overall recovery of your nervous system. In this study they measured HRV (Heart Rate Variability).  The results showed the PEMF improved the variability (a sign your nervous system is more relaxed and less in the “flight or fight” stressed response).  This could be tremendous for people who feel they are under high levels of stress. I decided to test the results myself.

I wear a device that measure my HRV and resting heart rate. Both together is a good indicator of how taxed my body and nervous system is. I intentionally increased my physical training intensity to induce a stress response. Then I used the PEMF for 3 consecutive days. Below you can see how my resting heart rate decreased from 58 to 52 and my HRV started to increase (a sign of better recovery).

3 Days of PEMF on HR and HRV

Why is this important?

For anyone trying to improve strength and muscles size, PEMF can help maximize that process. This would apply if you are in your later years treating sarcopenia (the medical term for muscle loss and weakness).  It would also apply if you are just trying to recover from hard workouts to add lean muscle. Not only can PEMF help muscles recover faster it also help your entire nervous system recover faster as well. This leads to faster strength and muscle size progress so you can do the things you need without weakness. 


This Study showed that PEMF at a frequency between 27-33 Hz increased the capillaries through the release of something called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor.  The increased blood supply for the heart tissue helped more heart survive after a heart attack.

Why is this important?

PEMF can protect the heart cells from damage!



PEMF has been proven to stimulate the growth of cartilage cells. This study found that 75Hz was more effective at treating osteoarthritis than 37Hz.  The PEMF was able to INCREASE the cartilage thickness in this study.

In this study they wanted to understand how PEMF is able to decrease pain and inflammation so well. They found that PEMF was able to restore the plasma membrane and minimize the leakage of harmful inflammatory chemicals from inside the cell to the surrounding tissues. It also minimize the formation of inflammatory chemicals directly by stabilizing the calcium levels in the lymphocytes.

When PEMF was used in this study on knee arthritis, they found remarkable results. The pain reduction from 6 weeks of treatment lasted 2 years. At the start of treatment, the pain was a 6 and at 2 years later it was still down to a 2.

PEMF effects on knee pain

Why is this important?

PEMF can help regenerate cartilage and reduce pain in joints with arthritis lasting years. This helps you improve your ability to function and do the things you love to do with less pain and fewer limitations without dangerous drugs. 



In this study the subject got 15 minute treatments 5 days a week. After 12 weeks they had significantly lower systolic blood pressure.

Why is this important?

You can use PEMF to help decrease blood pressure and possibly protect your heart cells from damage. 



In this study the PEMF reduced pain and improve function for patients with pinched nerves in the back from a disc herniation. The PEMF also helped reduce the compression on the nerve itself. The study along with other studies have shown the ability of PEMF to express the genetic signals to minimize the degeneration of the discs in our vertebrae.

Why is this important?

PEMF can reduce pain from disc herniations and reduce the rate of further degeneration of the discs. This help keeps your back healthy for longer periods so you don’t live with chronic pain. 



In this study on diabetic neuropathy, the subject received PEMF for 30 minutes for 12 consecutive days at 600 and 800 Hz.  As you can see below, the pain decreased from approximately 8 (on a scale of 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain) to a 3.

PEMF effects on Diabetic nerve pain

Even more amazing is that the nerve conduction improved as well. The increased in circulation and specific chemicals that help nerves heal led to the increased ability for signal conduction.  As you can see below, the nerve conduction increased by 10% in just 12 days.

PEMF improves nerve healing and conduction speed by 10%

Why is this important?

PEMF can greatly reduce the pain associated with nerve damage AND help heal the nerves without drugs. 



In this study the PEMF increase brain firing and it’s ability for signal transmission by 20%. There are also many studies on the use of PEMF on the brain for chronic pain and depression with very good success.

Why is this important?

PEMF can help reduce the degeneration effects of aging in the brain and even restore current brain abnormalities. 



In this study they compared PEMF with a placebo and with a cortisone injection for people with “Tennis Elbow” (lateral epicondylitis). The results showed that the pain was more relieved at 1 month for the cortisone injection group as compared with the PEMF group. However, at 3 months, the PEMF group had the most relief.  This makes sense as cortisone gives immediate relief but actually DAMAGES the tendon by breaking the hydrogen bonds that holds our collagen together. Imagine the tendons melting…

Whereas the PEMF help the tendon heal and regenerate.

In this study they injured the patella tendon and looked at how much faster PEMF can close the wound and help with healing.

In the control group, the would took about 5 days to close where the PEMF group only took 3 days. Interestingly, they use a mix of frequencies at 33 Hz and 7.8Hz (remember Earths natural frequency…).

PEMF speeds up tendon healing

Why is this important?

PEMF can heal tendons faster and help you eliminate the pain from tendon injuries. Because it improves healing and the tendon strength, it also helps minimize future tendon injury risk. (Unlike cortisone which weakens tendons….)



This study looked at what frequency of PEMF was best for building more collagen for skin. They found that 25 Hz was better than 50 or 100Hz at making the skin more elastic. I can imagine in the future PEMF facials to look younger…

Why is this important?

From a medical perspective, PEMF can help with healing in skin injuries and skin burns. From a cosmetic perspective, PEMF can assist in minimizing skin sagging and other age related symptoms. 



One of the most proven PEMF effects is bone healing. Multiple studies have demonstrated the ability for PEMF to make bones stronger and healing from fractures faster.  Here we will look at how and why.

In this study they found that PEMF was able to dilate the blood vessels to bring more nutrients and blood flow to the healing tissues.

In this study PEMF was found to affect 22 genes related to bone formation. It also increased specific chemicals like Bone Morphogenic Protein and Transforming Growth Factor beta (TGF-beta).  They also cited numerous research on PEMF affecting multiple organ system like your parathyroid gland, your IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor 1) hormone, and many many other hormones. The take away is PEMF “energizes” your body to heal.

In this study PEMF was compared with 12 weeks of weight training to build bone density. In general the PEMF was able to build bone density in the 20-30% increase range while the weight training was in the 0.5 to 3 % range!  Below you can see the difference at the Lumbar Spine (the low back). They looked Bone Mineral Density (BMD).  Just to point out the difference. At L2 the second Lumbar vertebrae, the BMD increased by 32.25% for the PEMF group and only 2.27% for the weight training group!

PEMF for osteoporosis and osteopenia with amazing results

As an added benefit for people using PEMF to build bone mass to minimize the risk of falling and suffering a fracture, PEMF can also help improve balance. This study show significant decrease is swaying and improved balance after 30 days of PEMF treatment.

In fact this study showed an improvement in balance after just one treatment of PEMF.

Why is this important?

PEMF greatly speeds up fracture healing and can build bone density without drugs and in MUCH less time. Now you don’t have to be afraid of fractures and can do what you want to do with stronger bones and more strength.


If you have osteoporosis, you can experience the same protocol in the study if you live in the South Jersey region by clicking here.

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Many PEMF studies at different frequencies have been done to assess its effects on male sperm.  In this review study they looked at all the research. They found that at higher frequencies the sperm was actually damaged. Yet at lower frequencies (15Hz), it helps the motility of the sperm with no harmful effects on any of the cells.


More Is Not Better And It’s All About The Proper Protocols

In this study they looked at PEMF’s effects on nerve regeneration at 50Hz for 1 hours a day, 50Hz at 12 hours a day, 150hz at one hours a day and 150Hz at 12 hours a day. Of the 4 conditions the 50Hz at 1 hour a day was the best.

In this study, they looked at different dosages of PEMF on tendon health. They tested 1.5mT and 3mT at 8 hours and 12 hours. They also looked at single versus repeated treatments. The results showed that a single treatment at the lower intensity of 1.5mT gave the best results to help the tendon heal.


The take away is that knowing the specific frequencies for use of PEMF IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.


However, when used properly, PEMF can help heal many different tissues in the body. There are multiple studies on cancer as well with some complete remissions from the use of PEMF. However, this article covers more of the orthopedic issues we typically treat here at Body Solutions.

We are excited to have this technology and to understand the science and the necessary protocols to use PEMF properly.

Because we are leading the way medicine and healing are done with a Holistic approach, we will be combining PEMF with out unique healing protocols. We will be combining PEMF with specific nutrients to enhance the healing effects along with the proper movements to restore function to your body.