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Body Solutions in Voorhees NJ only staff trainers with a degree in exercise science, a certification from one of the three research proven organizations, or a minimum of 2 years of experience. Once the trainer meets all of these qualifications, he or she has to intern for 1-3 months.

As you watch this video, you will lean why we are so careful on selecting trainers and how the fitness industry’s approach to getting “abs” is actually hurting you.

Why are the standards so stringent and tough? It is because your health is on the line! We care and take every precaution to assure you are provided with the most effective and safest program.

We make sure you are not wasting your time with ineffective exercises like:

  • Connector.Connector.

    Triceps pushdowns, triceps kickbacks

  • Connector.Connector.

    Sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, abdominal machines

  • Connector.Connector.

    inner thigh machine, outer thigh machine

Why are these exercises a waste of your precious time? Let us approach this from a scientific and logical approach. We can walk you through this logic in the same manner as our approach to program design:
  1. The number one goal for 99% of the people is to lose body fat and to tone muscles
  2. In order to lose fat, you have to create a calorie deficit (no you cannot spot reduce i.e. make your stomach lose more fat by doing crunches) for more info on the topic, see our discussion forum
  3. to create the largest deficit, you have to burn the most amount of calories possible during workouts
  4. To burn the most calories, you need to use more muscles during each exercise. Each muscle you use during an exercise make you burn more calories (the larger the muscle, the more calories you burn)
  5. By doing any of the exercises mentioned above you are isolating the muscle. Isolating means “working only that muscle”. The magazines want you to believe that is good
  6. When you isolate one muscle and perform let’s say… a triceps extension, you burn about 5-10 calories doing 3 sets of 15 reps depending on your body weight and size.
  7. When you do a Metmax Movement and do a lunge and push press, you work not only your triceps (approx. 2% of the total muscles in your body in terms of size), you work about 100 other muscles (approx. 80% of your muscles in terms of size).
  8. A lunge and press will tone your triceps while burning 20-40 calories instead of 5-10 calories. It will also work your legs, butt, chest, abdominals, and shoulders at the same time.
  9. Both exercises worked the triceps. One burns 400% more calories (i.e., 400% more fat loss).
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Time is very precious to all of us. Our proprietary training methods are designed to save you time by burning more calories than any workout. There are other workouts that are popular and burn many calories as well. Recently Kettle bells and boot camps are in fashion and have been implemented in many gyms. However, almost no one teaching those lifts knows the risk and dangers involved.

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If you have questions about training please contact us. Our Body Solutions Voorhees NJ office number is 877-PT FITNESS or our direct line is 856-751-8881. OR FIll out the Sign up form and receive a free consultation with one of our trainers!

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