Physical Therapy for Ankle Injury and Pain

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Physical therapy for the ankle typically involves treating ankle sprains and fractures. The key to successful treatment relies on two variables.First, the sooner physical therapy is initiated, the faster the recovery. Second, treating the entire leg and trunk instead of just the injured ankle also helps improve recovery rate and a faster return to full activity. If you have an ankle sprain, call us immediately to start your recovery process. In the mean time, follow the steps below to heal faster.

Immediately after an ankle injury, you want to elevate, compress, and ice the ankle continuously for the first 2 days. Recent studies show that continuous ice or heat is much better than intermittent ice or heat. During the two days, eat foods like pineapple on an empty stomach, using turmeric in your foods, and taking a good multi vitamin can help reduce the inflammation and speed up healing. In physical therapy we would help reduce the swelling and inflammation by manually massaging the fluid out of the ankle and using medical devices like therapeutic ultrasound to reduce the inflammation.

Once the inflammation is reduced, elevate the ankle and start moving the ankle actively in all directions. This will improve the ankle range of motion and the quality of healing.  You can start light non weight bearing strengthening for the injured side knee and hip. Also, you can do hard strengthening for the non injured side. Yes, this will help improve the strength of the injured ankle, knee, and hip.

Just watch the video below to learn why and see the exercises you should do. Our Physical therapists have treated hundreds of ankle injuries over the years with physical therapy patients from all over South Jersey

In physical therapy we would help refine the technique of the exercises and teach you higher level exercises to get you back to your full activity. Depending on what that is, we will develop a customized program for you. We’ve treated high level professional dancers with ankle injuries, all types of sports injuries (football, soccer, basketball, etc.), professional MMA / BJJ competitors, as well as weekend warriors, and the “I’m a klutz” and “I just tripped” person.

No matter what type of ankle injury, we can help you recover faster. Just call us at 856-751-8881 to schedule your appointment. You don’t need a prescription or referral to start. Just call us to find out more

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