Physical Therapy for Balance and Weakness

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Physical therapy for poor balance and leg weakness can seem daunting and impossible. However with the right program any patient can make DRASTIC improvements in their ability to walk without a cane or walker.

First we determine the source of the poor balance and possible vertigo. If the cause is from the inner ear (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo), the symptoms typically presents as dizziness with quick head movements or with looking up. Crystals can form in your inner ear causing the dizziness. The treatment is a simple procedure we do to move that floating crystal out of the inner year to eliminate the dizziness. It typically takes 2 treatments and is very comfortable and easy to do.

If the cause is from weakness in the legs and poor generalized balance, we develop an aggressive plan to strengthen the legs while working on all types of balance. First, we restore static balance to help you stand and perform daily activities like:

  • Dressing
  • Picking things up from the floor
  • Reaching for objects

Watch this video below to learn more


All the above can be done without a sense of dizziness and loss of balance. We achieve this with a precise progression of exercises to challenge your strength and balance. We utilize our Biodex Balance trainer to measure and improve your balance.

Once your static balance is restored, we progress to your dynamic balance. By restoring dynamic balance, you will be able to:

  • Walk on uneven surfaces
  • Dance
  • Manage the stairs
  • Step up onto curbs

Even if you have a miss step, you will have the ability to catch yourself from falling. Having that ability is critical in avoiding falls that lead to serious injuries.

You can achieve all of the above with a properly designed physical therapy program. The program will be carefully implemented with exercises that help strengthen the weak muscles in the hips and back.

We have helped hundred of patients who walk into our clinic with a walker on day one, and walk out with nothing but confidence in their ability walk without falling after their program completion.

Just call us today to schedule an evaluation at 856-751-8881. In NJ, you are legally allowed to see a physical therapist without a referral or prescription from a doctor. See our insurance page for more information here.

2,849 Comments on “Physical Therapy for Balance and Weakness”

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