Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Relief

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Our physical therapy for chronic pain relief approach for our patients in South Jersey involves using a combination of medical massage therapy, proper posture correction exercises, and nutritional recommendations for decreased inflammation. All three variables have to work together to end the vicious cycle of pain leading to more tightness leading to more pain.

We assess your body to discover the area that is CAUSING the pain. Many times, that area is not where you FEEL the pain. Our expertise in how the many connections of the body works together allows us see where your imbalances are and feel the tight muscles.

Once we make the discovery, we work on the muscles and the soft tissues manually to release the tightness. Once your pain and tension is reduced, we initiate proper strengthening for those muscles.  During the strengthening phase, you should avoid typical gym exercises like lat pulldowns, chest press, shoulder presses, and side laterals. These exercises strengthen but do not educate your body on proper movement.

Watch this video on why you should not use “gym” exercises for rehab!


As you muscles and soft tissues are healing and moving back to proper alignment, we make recommendations on proper nutrition. Here is an example on an anti inflammatory list of foods to eat. 

If you have chronic pain, call us today to schedule an evaluation at 856-751-8881. In NJ, you are legally allowed to see a physical therapist without a referral or prescription from a doctor. See our insurance page for more information here.

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