Physical Therapy for Elbow Injury and Pain

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The most common elbow problems that need physical therapy are from repetitive use. There are two areas that are most likely to be injured from these types of injuries. In our Voorhees NJ physical therapy clinic we typically treat Golfer’s and Tennis elbow along with post surgical cases and fractures.

Golfer’s elbow, aka medial epicondylitis occurs from repetitive gripping activities. The pain will occur on the inside of the elbow. Pain is worsened from squeezing things hard or gripping things repeatedly.

Tennis elbow, aka lateral epicondylitis occurs from activities like prolonged typing on the computer or any activity where your wrist is extended for long periods. The pain will occur on the lateral side of the elbow.

For tips on prevention and simple home treatment for these injuries, watch the video about elbow pain and easy prevention tips. The video will describe things you can do to prevent and treat golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.


If your pain has persisted for longer than 3 months, you may have a tendonosis instead of a tendonitis. See our page on tendonosis for more information.

Aside from repetitive use, you can also sustain an elbow injury from trauma. Fractures of the elbow are typically treatment with a cast or surgery. Following the initial healing process, your doctor will prescribe physical therapy treatment.

To see our physical therapists for these problems or other more complicated elbow diagnosis, just call us to schedule an appointment at 856-751-8881.

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