Physical Therapy for Neck Injury and Pain

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Physical therapy for neck pain commonly involves problems such as Cervical disc herniations, Cervical Stenosis, Cervical degenerative joint disease (aka arthritis), and Cervical radiculopathy (aka pinched nerve in the neck).

Treatment for each specific diagnosis commonly involve posture correction, neck and shoulder stretching, and light strengthening. They work synergistically to reduce compression down the neck. Less pressure down the neck results in less irritation and pain.

Watch this video below to get exercises on resolving you rneck pain


If a Disc herniation is involved and compressing a nerve, you may have symptoms such as tingling, numbness, or shooting pain down the arm and even into the hands. If you are having these symptoms, physical therapy treatment would also involve Cervical traction or MacKenzie exercises to alleviate the nerve compression.

The proper medical management of the above conditions should proceed as follows:

Physical Therapy for 4-6 weeks. If there is relief, then continue physical therapy for the neck

If there is no relief, then initiate an MRI. If the pain persists, then possible injection (epidural) to alleviate the pain and inflammation. After the epidural, return to therapy to restore normal neck mobility and strength.

If you are having neck pain, just call us to schedule an appointment for an evaluation at 856-751-8881. You can do this WITHOUT a prescription or referral from a doctor. Just read about your right to Direct Access to a physical therapist here.

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