Physical Therapy for Osteoporosis

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Physical therapy for Osteoporosis involves designing a proper strengthening program that promotes bone growth for bone density AND minimizes joint stress and wear and tear. We typically incorporate a balanced exercise program that address the complete aspect of osteoporosis. The program builds bone density, strength of all the muscles, improves balance for decreased fall risk, and restores normal flexibility of all your joints.

A proper program needs to involve mostly weight bearing exercises that engages many muscles at once. You should avoid exercises on machines and use all functional free weights, elastic bands, and medicine balls. Movements like deadlifts, lunges, step ups, bridges, and resisted side steps are emphasized. Movements like sit ups, supermans, and back extensions are avoided.

Watch the video to see why some exercises are good and some are bad for osteoporosis.

To get the best exercises for your osteoporosis and never worry about falling or breaking your bones, watch the video below


If you need a program to help with your osteoporosis or osteopenia, just call us to schedule an appointment at 856-751-8881.

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