Body Solutions’ Unique Approach To Physical Therapy Gets Rid Of Your Pain And Restores Your Movement Faster And More Completely No Matter How Long You’ve Been In Pain Or How Many Other Treatment Hasn’t Worked.

At Body Solutions the physical therapy staff has treated over 4653+ people in the South Jersey region for their physical therapy needs including Voorhees, Marlton, Cherry Hill, Medford, and Mount Laurel since 2003. We utilize Our unique blend of Eastern And Western Approaches To Help You Recover Faster And Heal More Completely Than Traditional Medicine.

As you experience our mind body approach to healing you too will discover how to heal without surgery, drugs, and dangerous medications. From your first visit, you will know exactly how you will heal completely using our approach. We will identify the root cause of your pain and explain to you exactly the steps you will take to resolve it.

If you are considering physical therapy but you only have minor aches and pains now, then click here to see how our unique massage therapy system will help you resolve your muscle aches.

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If you are having pain right now, scroll down and click on the link that describes the area or problem you are having now. You will get immediate answers and solutions to your problems.

Our expert physical therapists have the experience and knowledge of our unique system to heal you completely faster than traditional medicine. Through the use of corrective manual therapy, restorative exercises, and a holistic approach, each patient feels better and gets back to enjoying life faster.

Did you know there are specific emotions and thoughts that correlate with your injury and pain. YES, we understand that Science and will help you heal holistically!

If you have pain or physical limitations but don’t have a prescription, don’t worry. A New Jersey state law allows you access to physical therapy without a prescription so you save time and money.

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What Is Physical Therapy Like In Our Office?

  • Initial Call:

    Office coordinator will verify your benefits for you so you know your exact coverage and financial responsibility as you heal completely using our program.

  • Arrival:

    Fill out paperwork in our massage chairs and wait less than 5 minutes to be seen for each and every visit.

  • Evaluation:

    A thorough evaluation of your problems and limitations with an explanation of your symptoms, your root cause of pain, and a specific treatment plan to end your pain completley.

  • Progress:

    Restorative exercises specifically designed and carefully instructed to rebuild your body and get you pain free and back to life.

  • Treatment

    You share your experience about us to others because you realize you just experienced what complete healing is and what healthcare should be (holistic, compassionate, scientific).

  • Discharged:

    Because of your smart choice to come here and our guidance, you return to your favorite activities without pain or limitations. You thank the person who referred you here with gratitude!

Through our unique approach, we combine Eastern and Western sciences to achieve faster recovery and pain relief for the conditions below. Click on any of the links to get instant solutions to those problems and learn more about what is currently causing your pain or difficulties.

We Specialize In Treating The Following Conditions

  • Auto Accidental Injuries

    We work with your auto insurance agent to make sure your treatment is hassle free and covered. See how our experienced and caring therapists will alleviate the pain and help you move without limitations again

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  • Ankle

    Some simple sprains to major injuries, you need complete strengthening from the “ground up” to fix ankle issues completely. See how we will follow the “path of weakness” up your body to fix your ankle

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  • Back

    No matter how long or how bad back pain is, discovering the true cause of the pain will lead to the right movements that will fix it. We use a gentle approach to realign your back to pressure is taken off and your pain is relieved.

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  • Cronic Pain Relief

    We will look at the big picture and your entire body to discover ways to restore correct body alignment and eliminate your chronic pain. Treatments often lead to discoveries about little behavioral modifications that lead to MAJOR pain relief.

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  • Elbow

    Slow developing pain here can often be a result of compensation and imbalances in other body parts like the shoulder or from improper positioning.

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  • Knee

    This joint takes on high levels and frequency of stress daily. Any imbalance in structure and support will lead to pain or a slow recovery from an injury. See how we can make it pain free again

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  • Neck

    As the bridge between your head and your shoulders and spine, the neck requires full flexibility and strength to be healthy. Let us use the latest science to take immediate pressure off and restore pain free function.

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  • Osteoporosis

    The therapist will use their expertise in how muscles and joints function and develop the safest exercise program to build stronger and denser bones. This in conjunction with proper information about calcium usage and vibration platform treatments will enhance the bone building process.

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  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation

    We work and communicate with your doctor closely and understand the optimal protocols for rehabilitation. This assures you are progressing at maximal rates without the risk on re injury or exacerbation

    Click Here To Read More

  • Shoulder

    The most complex joint of the body requires a complete examination of the entire body to discover the root cause of the pain. We will dig deep and use a comprehensive approach to fix your shoulder so you can reach without pain again.

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  • Sports Injuries

    We will look at the big picture and your entire body to discover ways to restore correct body alignment and eliminate your chronic pain. Treatments often lead to discoveries about little behavioral modifications that lead to MAJOR pain relief

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  • Tendonosis

    Chronic pain in tendons is treated with manual friction massages and exercises with specific protocols and techniques to rebuild the tendon and reduce pain. We also recommend PRP to patients with tendonosis.

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  • Tendonitis

    An inflamed tendon needs the right protocol to heal as fast as possible. See how we use our Eastern and Western approach to healing to restore your strength while accelerating healing using our unique approach

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  • Balance Difficulty

    Using advances in medical equipment and technology, we utilize the Biodex Balance Trainer to detect your exact level and cause of walking and balance problems. Patients with years of walking or balance problems will overcome their difficulties in just a few months with this approach

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