Physical Therpy for Sports Injuries in South Jersey

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If you live in the South Jersey region (Voorhees, Cherry Hill, Marlton, etc.) and need Physical therapy for Sports injuries consider coming to Body Solutions. We utilize a true holistic approach for faster recovery from your injuries.

Watch this video on physical therapy for sports injuries for optimal recovery. Learn how we use higher level understanding of exercise and how the body works to achieve amazing results.

The key to optimal recovery after a sports injury is immediate initiation of the right exercises and providing your body with the right nutrients to speed up healing. While injured body parts like an ankle sprain, a torn ACL or meniscus, a shoulder strain, or a hip strain needs to be rested, you need to initiate immediate exercises for other body parts. This will reduce the compensation and keep your body “even” and “balanced”.

For example, if you have an right ankle sprain, you need to immediately start strengthening your right hip and knee to avoid onset of weakness AND strengthen your left ankle. By working your left ankle, you indirectly accelerate the recovery process of the right ankle.

To accelerate your body’s healing process, your need to ingest the right foods and nutrients. We recommend foods like pineapples and other nutrients to reduce inflammation and scar tissue formation. We also combine the use to Chinese herbal medicine to GREATLY enhance the healing rate of your injuries.

Contact us today to learn more about how physical therapy approach. Feel free to call us at 856-751-8881 or just leave a message using the orange bubble on the bottom right. If you need an evaluation right ways, call us and we will get your treatment started within a few days.

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